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Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful, but it is also a day to indulge. As if a large feast of delicious food isn’t enough of a reason to love the holiday, incorporating some of your favorite strains can be a way to make the day even more enjoyable.

Let’s take a look at five cannabis strains that can best be utilized this Thanksgiving.

1. Sour Diesel

We all know that feeling, you finish your Thanksgiving meal and next thing you know, you find yourself slipping into a food coma. Some Sour Diesel before dinner can provide you with a boost of energy that can help eliminate the post-meal crash.

2. OG Kush

Thanksgiving is the biggest meal of the year and many will want to help themselves to a second, or even third helping of food. OG Kush is a great choice that will stimulate your appetite and ensure no food goes to waste.

3. White Widow

If you are hosting Thanksgiving and in charge of making dinner, it can sometimes be a stressful moment. White Widow can not only relieve stress but also provide energizing and uplifting effects to help you get through the day.

4. Strawberry Cough

Thanksgiving is a time where we are surrounded by family and friends. Blue Dream is a perfect hybrid strain that provides an energetic, yet euphoric feeling that can help combat social anxiety and put you in a relaxed state to spark up a conversation.

5. Granddaddy Purple

After a long day of eating, traveling and socializing, Granddaddy Purple is the ideal strain to help you kick back and relax. If the Thanksgiving dinner wasn't enough to make you tired, this strain will provide a body high that can help you fall asleep at the end of the night.

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