Arkansas Medical Marijuana

All the information that you need to know about Arkansas' Medical Marijuana Program. For a quick look at medical marijuana in Arkansas, also check out our FAQ page.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Registration

How To Register For Your Card

It seems complicated, but Arkansas Marijuana Card makes it simple and easy. 

Arkansas Medical Marijuna Dispensary Locations

Arkansas Dispensary Locations

Dispensary locations in Arkansas and information on upcoming locations.

Arkansas Medical Records

Obtaining Your Medical Records

Medical records are required for your appointment. Learn how you can receive a copy.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Caregiver

How To Become A Patient Caregiver

Learn how to become a caregiver to a medical marijuana patient.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Laws

Arkansas Patients' Rights

Learn about Arkansas' regulations and your protection as a medical marijuana patient.

cannabis journal

Download Our Free Cannabis Journal

Keeping a patient journal is a great way to track your experience with medical marijuana.

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