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Renewal Patient Appointments

The doctors and staff at Arkansas Marijuana Card are here to make the process of renewing your medical marijuana card simple and stress-free.
Book your appointment to renew your medical marijuana card online, or call our Patient Support Team today. Make an appointment for a telehealth appointment where you can discuss your qualifying conditions with one of our compassionate doctors!

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Have Questions or Need Help Scheduling?
Let Us Know!

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Meet Our Doctor!

Dr. Eusanio

Dr. Eusanio is a board-certified Emergency Medicine/Trauma physician. He became a medical cannabis advocate after he pursued additional training and certification. Dr. Eusanio will assist you through the easy process of obtaining your state approval for medical marijuana and help you determine a customized treatment plan for your medical condition. 

Why Choose Arkansas Marijuana Card?

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No hidden fees or unnecessary follow-up appointments.

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All doctors certified with the state to recommend medical marijuana.


Flexible payment plans available so you can see a doctor today!

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Arkansas Marijuana Card offers medical marijuana renewals via telemedicine appointments! Qualifying Arkansas patients can be evaluated and recommended for medical marijuana treatment by one of our physicians from the safety and comfort of their own homes. 

Need-Based Marijuana Card Giveaways
Would you like to be considered for a need-based free evaluation?
If so,
submit your story here. 

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