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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Expiration Extension Ending Soon

Arkansas Marijuana Card Expiration Date

Earlier this year, the Arkansas Department of Health suspended expiration dates on Arkansas medical marijuana cards in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed patients to use their cards and continue accessing dispensaries past their expiration date.

However, the state is ending the extension on September 30, 2020 which means any cards that have an expiration date before or on September 30 will expire.

Arkansas medical marijuana patients must submit a new application by September 11, 2020 to renew their card in order to allow time for the application to process. Patient cards with an expiration date after September 30, 2020 will expire on the date presented on the card.

Before submitting a renewal application, patients need to first meet with a physician to receive a new written certification and we are here to help! Telemedicine appointments are available so you can have your renewal appointment at home using your phone or computer. To schedule your appointment, please give us a call at 844-249-8714 or schedule online today.

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Arkansas Marijuana Card Doctors

If you are an Arkansan suffering from one of these 18 medical conditions you may be eligible to treat your ailment with medical marijuana, which includes both THC and CBD products.

Click here to learn more about what Arkansas Marijuana Card's state-certified medical marijuana doctors can do for you, or give us a call at (844-249-8714) and our friendly support team can walk you through the entire process, and set you up with an appointment.

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