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Most Popular Strains at Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Best Selling Most Popular marijuana strains in Arkansas
Read below to see which marijuana strains are the best sellers in Arkansas! [Source: Leafly]

There is a wide variety of strains available at dispensaries across Arkansas for qualified patients which may leave you having a hard time deciding which ones you want to try. We reached out to some of the local dispensaries to create a guide for some of the best-selling strains in Arkansas and where you can purchase them.

1. Commerce City Kush

Commerce City Kush is one of the best selling strains in all of Arkansas. This Indica-dominant hybrid contains 10-15% THC and is ideal for stress, pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Best seller at: Acanza, The Source, Fiddlers Green, 420 Dispensary, Greenlight Dispensary, Red River Remedy, Green Springs, and Bloom Medicinals

2. OG Kush

OG Kush is not only a staple worldwide, but also in Arkansas as well. The hybrid strain contains 16-20% THC and includes terpenes such as Myrcene and Limonene making it a great option to help with anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia.

Best seller at: Acanza, Fiddlers Green, Native Green Wellness, Purspirit, Red River Remedy, Arkansas Natural Products, ReLeaf Center and NEA Full Spectrum

3. Burkle

Burkle is an Indica-dominant hybrid that placed 3rd in Best Indica flower at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup in Colorado. If you are looking for a strain with relaxing effects that can help with pain, stress, insomnia and a lack of appetite, Burkle could be a good choice for you.

Best seller at: Suite 443, Green Springs, Purspirit, Plant Family Therapeutics, and Greenlight Dispensary

4. Glass Slipper

Glass Slipper is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that crosses Cinderella 99 and Pineapple 99 for a 20% THC content. It's energizing effects will leave users feeling happy and uplifted while helping with stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Best seller at: Suite 443 and Native Green Wellness

5. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is another staple in the cannabis community. This Sativa-dominant hybrid contains 16-20% THC and is known for it's energizing effects. Sour Diesel is a great option for those looking to help combat stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

Best seller at: Bloom Medicinals, Purspirit and Greenlight Dispensary

6. Mandarin Temple Kush

Mandarin Temple is another popular seller amongst Arkansas patients. If you are looking for a strain higher in THC (26%) with a citrus and earthy aroma, this may be for you! It provides an uplifted high that will give users a sense of energy and motivation which can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Best seller at: Acanza, Greenlight Dispensary, Green Springs and Arkansas Natural Products

7. Member Berry

Member Berry is an evenly balanced hybrid with a fruity flavor and a sweet, citrusy aroma. This strain can be recommended for either daytime or nighttime use as it provides both a cerebral and body high. It gives a long-lasting high that can help with stress, fatigue, headaches, and anxiety.

Best seller at: 420 Dispensary

8. Scott's OG

Scott's OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid with 17-23% THC content. Its calming and euphoric effects will leave users relaxed and uplifted while it helps manage pain, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Best seller at: Fort Cannabis Co and Arkansas Natural Products

9. Eleven Roses

Eleven Roses is an Indica strain with THC levels up to 24-25%. This strain will provide strong relaxation and a body high, making it perfect to help stress, depression, and insomnia.

Best seller at: Green Springs and Arkansas Natural Products

10. Cookies and Chem

Cookies and Chem is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdog #4 and has a THC content of 16-23%. This strain will put users in a very calm and euphoric state as it is mostly recommended for evening and nighttime use. Cookies and Chem can help alleviate nausea, pain, and fatigue.

Best seller at: Red River Remedy

11. Sour Tangie

Sour Tangie is a Sativa with a THC content of 15-20%. It's energizing effects will create an elevated and uplifting buzz, which makes it ideal for anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue.

Best seller at: Green Springs

12. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa that is known for its sweet aroma and berry flavors. It contains 15-19% THC, giving users an uplifting effect which helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. Strawberry Cough's terpene profile includes Myrcene and Pinene which provide anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful for combating pain.

Best seller at: Purspirit

13. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Blueberry and Haze with a 16-20% THC level. Blue Dream provides a combination of a cerebral buzz with a body high, making this a great strain for those looking to help with pain, nausea, anxiety and stress.

Best seller at: ReLeaf Center

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