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Green Springs Medical Dispensary - Hot Springs, AR - Menu and Prices

Green Springs Medical Dispensary in Hot

Green Springs Medical - Hot Springs Dispensary

309 Seneca Street

Hot Springs, AR 71901

Phone: (501) 207-0420

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Saturday: 10 AM – 8 PM

  • CLOSED: Sunday

Green Springs Medical Dispensary in Hot Springs is Now Open!

Green Springs Medical opened its doors to medical marijuana patients in Arkansas on May 12, 2019. It was the second dispensary to open in the state, and they are also one of the few cultivators in Arkansas. 


Green Springs Medical sets themselves apart with their dedication to education. When you enter their dispensary, you will feel like you are entering a clinic’s patient lounge. Their on-site pharmacist and trained bud-clinicians are there to make the process simple. They can advise how medical cannabis may interact with your current medications and direct you towards the best strains and products for your individual needs. 


What Marijuana Products Are Available at Green Springs Medical Dispensary in Hot Springs?

Green Springs Medical carries three types of products: flower, edibles, and concentrates. They have:

  • 20 varieties of medical marijuana flower, including indica, sativa, and hybrid flower

  • A wide selection of concentrates

  • Edible gummies in a variety of flavors


Flower is simply dried medical marijuana flower that can be smoked for therapeutic purposes. Edibles are products infused with THC and other cannabis compounds that you eat, drink, or swallow, such as gummies. Concentrates are products made from cannabis plants that contain only the therapeutic compounds from the plant and are therefore more concentrated than cannabis flower. Examples include wax and vape pen cartridges. 


There are differences between these three types of products for medicinal use. In general:

  • Flower is fast acting but doesn’t last for long. You can easily start small and work your way up until you notice the effects that you are looking for. 

  • Concentrates are fast acting and potent. If you aim for noticeable and strong effects immediately, these are a good option.

  • Edibles take longer before the effects set in, but they last longer. Edibles also allow for precise dosage control. 


The helpful and knowledgeable team at Green Springs Medical can help you determine which of these products is best for you. They can advise you on the best dosage and how to incorporate medical marijuana into your treatment routine.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost at Green Springs Medical Dispensary in Hot Springs?


• 1 gram: $15

• 2 grams: $30

• ⅛ ounce (3.5 grams): $52.50

• ¼ ounce (7 grams): $100

• ½ ounce (14 grams): $200

• 1 ounce (28 grams): $395



• AK 47 Rosin Extract (1G): $59.99

• Lemon Star Haze Sugar Wax/Concentrate (1G): $59.95

• Sour Tangie Rosin Concentrate (1G): $59.99



• BOLD Gummy Edibles, Grape, Lemon, or Mango (10 pack, 10mg THC per gummy): $49.50

• BOLD Gummy Edibles, Grape, Lemon, or Mango (5 pack, 10mg THC per gummy): $24.99


Green Springs Medical does offer discounts for military veterans. 


How Do I Get an Arkansas Marijuana Card to Buy Product from Green Springs Medical Dispensary in Hot Springs?

Arkansas Marijuana Card in Hot Springs makes the process of obtaining an Arkansas medical marijuana card simple and affordable! At Arkansas Marijuana Card, we have a knowledgeable Patient Support Center that is here to answer any questions you may have and help you schedule an appointment at the closest medical marijuana doctor near you. 


You can call our Patient Support Center at (1-844-249-8714) to schedule an appointment today! All you’ll need is a valid Arkansas I.D. (or a passport with an Arkansas address) and medical records documenting one of the qualifying conditions in Arkansas’s program. Our dedicated team can help along every step of the way to make sure that the only thing you have to worry about is making your first trip to Green Springs Medical. 

Schedule A Medical Marijuana Evaluation Today!

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