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Arkansas Times is Seeking Arkansas Patients to Talk About Their Dispensary Experience

Arkansas Times marijuana
Arkansas Times is a publication based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Arkansas Times has reached out to us to ask medical marijuana patients who are willing to speak to them regarding their experience with Arkansas dispensaries.

One of the biggest concerns currently with the Arkansas medical marijuana program is the lack of operating dispensaries. With only 11 out of the 32 licensed dispensaries open in the state, many areas of Arkansas are left without dispensaries that are close to patient's homes.

The publication is conducting a story regarding the lack of dispensaries operating in Southern Arkansas. They are seeking patients who live 50-70 (or more) miles from a dispensary and are having difficulty accessing medical marijuana as a result.

If you are an Arkansas medical marijuana patient who falls under this criteria and would be interested in speaking, please reach out to Rebekah Hall of the Arkansas Times at

Arkansas Marijuana Card
Arkansas Marijuana Card

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