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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Updates: Name Changes and Projected Openings

Arkansas Dispensary Openings
Arkansas is anticipating 11 more dispensaries to open by the end of this year according to the ABC.

On October 23, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission held a meeting that approved name changes for three dispensaries, along with providing information on projected openings for upcoming dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

Dispensary Name Changes

The name changes below have been approved by the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission for the following dispensaries:

  • Doctor's Orders, which opened up in May and is located in Hot Springs, will operate as "Suite 443"

  • 420 RX dispensary, that is expected to open soon in Conway, will operate as "420 Dispensary Inc."

  • Grassroots dispensary, projected to open in Little Rock, will operate as "Herbology"

Projected Dispensary and Cultivation Facility Openings

During the AMMC meeting, director of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Doralee Chandler, provided the commissioners with an update on the remaining 22 dispensaries and two cultivation facilities that are not yet operating in Arkansas.

Chandler stated that six dispensaries are expected to open in November with five more following in December, leaving the remaining 11 dispensaries to open sometime in 2020. The ABC has provided the estimated dates:

  • Purspirit Cannabis Co (Valentine Holdings): Mid-November

  • Big Fish of North Central Arkansas: Late Spring 2020

  • Plant Family Therapeutics: Late December/Early January

  • THC RX, Inc: Unknown

  • Delta Cannabis Co: Mid 2020

  • NAE Full Spectrum Medicine, Inc: Mid-November

  • Comprehensive Care Group: Mid/Late December

  • Fort Cannabis: Early December

  • River Valley Relief: Mid-2020

  • Johnson County Dispensary: Mid-2020

  • 420 RX: Mid-November

  • Grassroots OPCO: Early November

  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary: November/December

  • Natural Relief Dispensary: Mid/Late December

  • Natural State Medical Group, LLC: January 2020

  • Pain Free RX: Early 2020

  • Pine Bluff Agriceuticals: Spring 2020

  • Arkansas Patient Services Company: January 2020

  • Noah's Ark LLC: Late January 2020

  • Bloom Medicinals of Arkansas: Early December

  • Arkadelphia Dispensary: Late January 2020

  • Delta Medical Cannabis Co: December

Back in early September, remarks had been made by the ABC that they would begin taking action against dispensaries that were prolonging their openings and even threatening to revoke their license if necessary. Chandler hopes that the proposed rules would be approved and established by January 2020.

Natural State Wellness cultivation facility has requested their inspection and aiming to open by November. The final cultivator in Arkansas, Delta Medical Cannabis Company, is projecting to be fully operating by the end of the year. Both facilities will be located in Jackson county.


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