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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Updates; January 2020

Harvest House of Cannabis Little Rock
Harvest House of Cannabis, formerly Natural State Wellness, has requested their final inspection.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is planning to meet with all 32 dispensaries and 5 cultivators to discuss the renewal of their license.

The state began issuing licenses in late January of 2019. Since then, 16 dispensaries are still unopened and the state has been hinting that those facilities could possibly lose their licenses during the renewal process. Some dispensaries have even tried to sell their licenses to new owners, which was rejected by Arkansas MMC board members.

Though things have still been slowly moving as Bloom Medicinals and Red River Remedy dispensaries just opened up in Texarkana, two more dispensaries and the fifth and final cultivator have requested their final inspections:

As the last cultivation facility is ready for their inspection, dispensaries in Northwest Arkansas also plan to begin growing their own marijuana in-house. The ReLeaf Center in Bentonville, Acazna in Fayetteville and The Source in Bentonville each intend to cultivate the maximum amount of 50 mature marijuana plants that is allowed by the state of Arkansas. Once the dispensaries cultivation rooms are inspected and approved, the facilities can begin growing.

Arkansas Marijuana Card Doctors
Arkansas Marijuana Card Doctor

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