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Arkansas Strain Review: Eleven Roses

strain review

Arkansas is home to a few top tier strains and Arkansas marijuana patients can find themselves staring at a lot of choices when they visit a dispensary. Among those choices they’ll likely find Eleven Roses, a strong Indica with high levels of THC, that boasts some powerful effects. Arkansas Marijuana Card is your go to resource for Arkansas Cannabis, and in this article we’ll review the potent strain Eleven Roses.

Arkansas Cannabis Strain: Eleven Roses

Eleven Roses

· Name: Eleven Roses

· Genetics: Indica

· THC: 24-28%

· Parents: Appalachian Kush & Sugar Black Rose

· Cultivator Tested: Osage Creek Cultivation


Eleven Roses is an Indica strain bred from Appalachian Kush & Sugar Black Rose. While little is known about the indica Appalachian Kush, Sugar Black Rose is an Indica strain that provides the traditional Indica dominant effects like body relaxation, muscle and joint pain relief, and anxiety relief.


The smell is pungent, a cheesy, berry aroma with a hint of spice. A pleasant and unique scent that is reminiscent of a cheese danish with blueberries.

Scent: 8/10


The taste is very close to the smell, a cheesy thick taste with hints of berries or fruits. The terpene profile for Eleven Roses is not widely publicized, however hints of Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene could possibly be present. The taste is unique and not overwhelming, with a slightly spicy flavor that is present in the background. The overall taste is pleasant and identifiably unique.

Taste: 7/10


The buds are a happy bright green, peppered with orange hairs and large amounts of visible trichomes. Dense and soft, they break apart and crack open firmly. While this batch from Osage Creek Cultivation leaves a lot to be desired from their botched trimming, the overall appearance is good.

The buds are thick and beautiful, but the amount of leafage is unreasonable. Unfortunately, this could not be considered oversight, as these buds appear to be 70% trimmed. If this flower were trimmed with higher standards, the buds would be gorgeous, and would have received a much higher rating.

Appearance: 6/10


The effects are slow acting but immediately noticeable. Body awareness increases and relaxation follows. This is an excellent strain for those wanting to test Indica effects without being overwhelmed. Strong alleviation of muscle tension and stress without becoming sedating. This particular batch seemed to find second gear after around the 10-minute mark, further increasing the body high and uniting the gradual onset of mental relaxation.

Eleven Roses produces a very calm, focused high that is excellent for chronic pain, stress, sleeping disorders, and anxiety.

Effects: 7/10

Eleven Roses Final Rating

Eleven Roses ends up with a final rating of 7/10. Eleven Roses is a potent Indica that tastes good, smells great, and looks, ok. For those wanting to test the waters of the world of Kushes without jumping in the deep end, Eleven Roses won’t disappoint.

A perfect choice for those looking for relief from stress, joint pains, or anxiety, Eleven Roses provides a deep setting array of effects that are sure to have your body and mind relaxed. If the quality of trimming improves, Eleven Roses will look as impressive as it works.

If you have some Eleven Roses to show off, send us some pics at @arkansas_mmj on Twitter!

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Arkansas is on its way to producing some very high-quality strains. While we are in the earlier stages of that development, Arkansas Marijuana Patients are enjoying the benefits of many potent strains available in the Natural State right now.

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