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New Study: Patients Prefer Medical Marijuana than Sleep Aids

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Patients Prefer Using Marijuana Over Sleep Aids

A study revealed that more patients are turning to cannabis to use as a sleep aid rather than over-the-counter medications. This study was conducted to examine whether or not more patients were using marijuana versus other medications and how this affected the current market of over-the-counter sleep aids in Colorado.

The research showed that once dispensaries started to open in Colorado, the sales of traditional sleep medications purchased from drugstores declined. These results revealed that when patients have access to marijuana, they opt for this form of treatment to help fight insomnia and other sleep disorders. While insomnia alone is not a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment in Arkansas, cannabis provides relief of insomnia as a symptom of several medical conditions.

What Cannabis Products Are Recommended For Sleep?

When it comes to treating sleep disorders, some of the most popular forms of cannabis to use are edibles or indica-based flower. THC infused edibles are ideal for sleep as the effects are stronger and longer lasting. Edibles that also contain a small amount of CBD along with THC can also be beneficial. CBD has calming and anti-anxiety properties which can be helpful for patients who have difficulty sleeping due to anxiety.

Indica dominant strains are another way patients can ensure a good night's rest. Indica strains are generally better suited to be consumed during nighttime as they provide more calming, relaxing effects. This results in patients experiencing a ‘body high’ which can help them fall asleep and stay asleep.

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