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Arkansas Dispensary Optimism for 2020

Native Green Wellness Dispensary Hensley
Native Green Wellness dispensary in Hensley was the fourth dispensary to open in Arkansas.

Since medical marijuana was approved 3 years ago in Arkansas, the state has only seen 14 of the 32 licensed dispensaries open.

However, the CEO of Native Green Wellness dispensary, Kattie Hansen, encourages patients to remain optimistic for the upcoming new year. In an interview with THV11, she stated, “I think a lot of people started out with funding and then, through the process, they lost funding. They lost their facilities by not being able to keep the lease open."

While the lack of dispensaries has caused frustration among patients, 2020 could be a better year for the Arkansas medical marijuana program.

Native Green Wellness is anticipating to begin an online ordering process for patients, and also offer free delivery within a 100-mile radius. Greenlight Dispensary in Helena also offers online orders and delivery as well. These initiatives can help patients get access to treatment who don't have a dispensary near their residence currently and save a long commute.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission also expressed taking actions towards the unopened dispensaries. Earlier this month, the MMC set a deadline for dispensaries to be open by the middle of 2020 before action is taken, which could include licenses possibly being revoked.

The next dispensary opening in Arkansas that can be anticipated is Plant Family Therapeutics in Moutain Home. Their final inspection is scheduled for January 3, 2020. Bloom Medicinals in Texarkana was recently approved during their inspection earlier this month, but an opening date has yet to be announced.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Doctor
Arkansas Marijuana Card Doctor

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