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Arkansas Dispensaries That Offer Delivery Services

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Arkansas Dispensary Delivery
Read more to find out which Arkansas dispensaries are currently offering delivery [Source: Leafly]

In efforts to reduce exposure to COVID-19 and maintain the safety and health of patients and staff, some dispensaries are offering delivery services so that patients can receive their medicine without having to worry about leaving their homes.

Greenlight Dispensary in Helena-West Helena first began offering delivery in August 2019 and is the first to provide these services statewide. Greenlight is accepting online orders and delivering medication to patients and caregivers seven days a week.

With statewide delivery available, Greenlight has a specific schedule according to each region in the state. Patients who wish to use their delivery services that reside farther from the dispensary will need to plan ahead as each region has a scheduled day of the week for deliveries, along with minimum-purchase requirements and delivery fees based on the region.

ReLeaf Center in Bentonville has also been providing delivery services since August 2019 and has seen an increase in demand since the COVID-19 outbreak. ReLeaf Center offers delivery Monday through Saturday and the minimum-purchase amount is $100. Delivery fees also apply as any residence within five miles will be $5, and then $1 will be added for each additional mile. Unlike Greenlight, ReLeaf Center does not deliver statewide and only has a maximum delivery radius of 40 miles. It is important to note that patients who request delivery at ReLeaf Center must have visited their facility at least once before delivery.

Fiddler's Green in Mountain View is the newest dispensary who has started implementing delivery in Arkansas. They offer these services Monday through Thursday with a minimum-purchase amount of $125. Fiddler’s Green delivery fee is $25 and will deliver throughout all of North Central Arkansas, and expands as far as Jonesboro.

420 dispensary in Russellville is another dispensary that is currently working on implementing delivery services as well. Dispensaries who do not offer delivery at this time are still accepting online orders which can then be picked up at the storefront. Please be sure to call your local dispensary if you have any questions regarding their policies or operation.

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