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Arkansas Dispensaries That Have Not Opened Could See Possible Consequences

Herbology Dispensary Arkansas
Herbology dispensary in Little Rock is one of the next dispensaries expected to open [Source: Herbology]

One of the biggest concerns today amongst Arkansas medical marijuana patients is the lack of dispensary openings. Currently, there are only 10 out of the 32 licensed dispensaries throughout the state that are operating. This is leaving a number of patients having to commute long distances to purchase cannabis products.

Although the medical marijuana amendment that was passed back in 2016 did not state a deadline for the opening of dispensaries, the state is ready to take action for facilities that are seeing delays.

Communications Director of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Scott Hardin, stated that they will begin to take violations into consideration for dispensaries who continue to put their open on hold. "I think at the one year mark, that's where it really gets serious," Hardin said.

Back in early September, comments had also been made by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that they would start to take action against dispensaries that were prolonging their opening and even threatening to revoke their license if necessary.

It seems a number of the extended delays have been due to issues with real estate and weather.

The ABC gave an update in September regarding the projected opening dates for the remaining 22 dispensaries which are as follows:

  • Purspirit Cannabis Co (Fayetteville): Mid-November

  • Plant Family Therapeutics (Mountain Home): Late December/Early January

  • Delta Medical Cannabis (West Memphis): December

  • Bloom Medicinals of Arkansas (Texarkana): Early December

  • 420 Dispensary Inc (Russellville): Mid-November

  • Herbology (Little Rock): Early November

  • NAE Full Spectrum Medicine, Inc (Brookland): Mid-November

  • Comprehensive Care Group (West Memphis): Mid/Late December

  • Fort Cannabis (Fort Smith): Early December

  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary (Little Rock): November/December

  • Natural Relief Dispensary (Sherwood): Mid/Late December

  • Delta Cannabis Co (West Memphis): Mid 2020

  • River Valley Relief (Morrilton): Mid-2020

  • Johnson County Dispensary (Clarksville): Mid-2020

  • Natural State Medical Group, LLC (Alexander): January 2020

  • Pain Free RX (Pine Bluff): Early 2020

  • Pine Bluff Agriceuticals (Pine Bluff): Spring 2020

  • Arkansas Patient Services Company (Warren): January 2020

  • Noah's Ark LLC (El Dorado): Late January 2020

  • Arkadelphia Dispensary (Arkadelphia): Late January 2020

  • Big Fish of North Central Arkansas (Heber Springs): Late Spring 2020

  • THC RX, Inc (West Memphis): Unknown

Herbology dispensary in Little Rock had an opening date projected for November 7 but had to postpone due to unknown reasons. However, this should be one of the newest dispensaries that's expected to open very soon.


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