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Why Bud Remains Popular in Spite of Other Options

Why Bud Remains Popular Option at Dispensaries

Cannabis consumers have no shortage of options when they enter a dispensary. Vape cartridges, edible gummies, tinctures, lotions, concentrates, and more deliver various ways to indulge.

In spite of so much innovation, the biggest seller at dispensaries around the country remains the simplest: flower.

Dried cannabis flower, also known as bud or herb, is the cannabinoid-rich portion of the cannabis plant. Smoking dried herb is something that humans have done for many thousands of years.

In an age of technology and innovation, of green powders and the internet, most of us seem to be distancing ourselves from our roots. This begs the question, what exactly is it about marijuana flower that has resulted in its standing the test of time?

7 Reasons Why People Still Love Bud

There is no singular reason why herb has remained so popular. Ask different people why they smoke a joint or light a bong rather than sip on a vape pen or chew a gummy and you’ll receive a variety of answers.

Here are seven of the reasons why dried flower has kept its top spot amongst cannabis consumers.

1. Cost

Cannabis flower is the least expensive form of cannabis. Drying herb doesn’t require expensive and complicated extraction like the creation of nearly every other cannabis product does. It can even be done at home, skipping out on the dispensary entirely. For those who use marijuana on a budget, bud is the best choice.

2. Health

Experts believe that the safest way to inhale cannabis is by vaping cannabis flower. When you vape bud, hot air blasts the cannabis and extracts THC, CBD, and other healthful compounds. The heated air doesn’t result in the toxic combustion byproducts that come from lighting cannabis on fire with a lighter.

3. Familiarity

People have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years. Before cannabis legalization swept the country, dried herb was the only cannabis product that you could easily find on the black market. Even those who never used cannabis prior to its legality have seen people smoke weed, whether in person or on the television screen.

Humans are creatures of habit. When we’re familiar with something, we are more likely to turn to it than something we’ve rarely encountered.

4. Breadth of Choices Yields Unique Possibilities

Growers breed a seemingly endless variety of cannabis strains. Each one consists of a chemical makeup unlike any other strain. These unique compositions create diverse experiences.

By changing strains, you can experience different tactile sensations, with tasty aromas. You can find strains that are uplifting and others that are sedating. And with hundreds of potential therapeutic compounds in marijuana working synergistically, you might find strains that are particularly powerful in treating your condition.

No other cannabis products deliver the variety of experiences and medicinal possibilities as dried cannabis flower.

5. Rapid Onset

Inhaling marijuana results in the fastest effects. This is true whether you’re ripping a bong, smoking a joint, vaping cannabis flower, or using a vape pen. For rapid relief, there is no better way to achieve it than with a product you can inhale.

For this reason, many cannabis connoisseurs will take a hit at the same time as using a tincture or eating an edible. The oral cannabis offers lasting effects while the smokable form yields immediate results.

6. Ease of Dosing

Bud is the easiest form of cannabis to experiment with and find the right dose. Because a small hit results in a rapid onset and mellow high, you can easily increase your dose every 10 minutes until you reach the right level of inebriation. With edibles, vape pens, and concentrates, it is difficult to achieve a mellow high or find the right dosage if you’re new to the product.

7. Fun Accessories

Ornate glass work, beautiful wooden vaporizers, and fun grinders are just a few of the accessories for smoking cannabis flower. For those who love marijuana, their accessory collection can be both personalized expression and an artwork collection. No other marijuana product has so many unique pieces to accompany it.

Cannabis flower is a powerful medicinal tool, and it’s been popular for thousands of years. Cannabis breeders and do-it-yourself enthusiasts are likely to keep the dried herb tradition alive for years to come, if not indefinitely. So, grab your favorite strain, your beloved piece, and relax as you enjoy the aroma and sensation that smoking herb brings.

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