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Native Green Wellness Opens Little Rock Location

new dispensary in arkansas

The Arkansas medical marijuana program is inching closer to having all 33 allowed dispensaries operational in the state. Now with two locations, Native Green Wellness opens up shop in Little Rock Arkansas, bringing what they’ve learned from their Hensley location to Central AR. Arkansas Marijuana Card attended their soft opening; and in this article we’ll cover the experience, prices, and products.

Arkansas Dispensary Review: Native Green Wellness

Native Green Wellness was one of the earlier dispensaries to open in Arkansas, starting with their location in Hensley in 2019.

Known for their exclusive strains grown by Delta Medical Cannabis (in-house) through the Revolution brand, the Hensley location quickly became a favorite in the community for impressive flower and edibles.

Not surprisingly, Revolution took down 7 first place wins in 7 different categories in Illinois’ High Times Cannabis Cup in 2020.

Their edibles mark another shining accolade in the dispensary’s repertoire with an in-house chocolatier under their Golden brand, making distillate and edibles both exclusive products.

Native Green Wellness takes their distillate and infusion to a higher level of excellence in the Natural State.

But does this new addition to Little Rock’s set of dispensaries meet the high standards of patients in Central Arkansas?

Arkansas Dispensaries: Native Green Wellness Experience


With the Grand Opening on May 7th, Located at 3720 Cantrell Road in Little Rock, AR, Native Green Wellness sits tucked off to the side before the famous Allsopp Park/Cantrell Road turn.

Locals will be familiar with the area, as Red Door, The Fold, and Faded Rose are all favorited restaurants on the block. Residents will also be familiar with the nightmarish parking for the area and Native Green Wellness is no exception.

Parking is tight and small, as is often the case with Central AR dispensaries. However the positioning is good as this location will be the closest for anyone living downtown and is a short distance from the River Market by bicycle.

Design & Waiting Room

When you open the first set of doors to Native Green Wellness, you’re invited in by a bright but softly lit open room with shielded kiosks in the front, a large digital menu to your right, and the glass enclosed bud room to your left. Security and receptionists were both very welcoming and friendly.

Though I filled out a pre-registration form online, I filled out a second one in person. The form is short and simple and took no more than 2 minutes to fill out while the receptionist checked my medical marijuana card and driver’s license.

The room is not particularly large, but it isn’t stuffy. The large digital menu screens were very easy to read and covered the whole inventory, underneath them sat comfortable waiting chairs.

When one patient entered without a mask unknowingly, staff were very kind and reminded him that they were required in the facility. A lot of smiles from excited patrons and employees both.

The Bud Room

The bud room is where business is handled. As soon as your name is called, a happy group of budtenders welcome you to the room with smiles and the energy of a childhood friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Glass displays showcase merchandise and extras, while more large digital screens cover the walls behind them. Laminated booklets can be flipped through for more thorough information on product choices.

There were a limited number of registers, preferred for a more intimate experience and an ATM machine lay tucked into the corner.

My budtender was Harley, a sharp and cheerful employee who handled my questions and orders with poise and professionalism.

The environment was full of laughs and happy vibes all around, to be expected for a brand-new dispensary. You can immediately tell this is a business people are happy to work at.

Products & Pricing

The real bottom line for any dispensary will of course be their inventory and prices. Arkansas is already known for wildly expensive products compared to the rest of the country, and Central Arkansas seems to make it the top priority to embody that narrative.

Surprisingly, the prices were very competitive for the area. Flower and concentrates could be found at an average of $10-$15 cheaper than other Central AR dispensaries, with even their premium options floating somewhere between $5 below and $5 above average price.

The inventory was large. You’ll have no problem finding sativa, indica, or hybrid flowers, and there will likely be 15-25 options per category. Everything from the low 20% to the high 28% THC can be found in the flower, and of course their Delta Medical brand will stand out as a strong choice.

Concentrates were abundant, with many of the preferred strains from popular brands like Bold, Osage, and NSM. Crumbles, wax, sugar and budder were all on the list, and the list was long.

No live resins, rosins, or ice hash, and Native doesn’t show any particular interest in producing their own solventless extracts any time soon. But what they lack in solventless extracts, they make up for in solvent-based inventory.

Edibles were abundant and priced very competitively. I sampled some of the chocolate peanut butter bites made by their in-house chocolatier Carmen Portillo, owner of Cocoa Belle Chocolates. Top tier taste and excellent consistency, the Reese’s style bites were decadent and made with love.

Native Green Wellness: Exclusive Arkansas Cannabis

While the experience of buying medicine at Native Green Wellness was a 10, how do their products shape up?

We tested some of their King Crasher from Revolution grown by Delta Medical.

· Name: King Crasher

· Genetics: Indica

· Total THC: 25.8%

· Total CBD: .047%

· Cultivator: Revolution/Delta Medical

The labeling on the container is perhaps the best in the state. Listing the top terpenes and parent strains on the bottle, Revolution & Delta Medical went out of their way to label these products the way cannabis connoisseurs and patients both will appreciate.

The buds are dense and thick, and trimmed with much higher attention to detail than premium flower we’ve tested from other cultivators. They snap, they’re soft, and they’re thick. Trichomes are plentiful and the bud structures are lavish. Dense with a fruity aroma, this batch was harvested in mid-February and packaged in early April.

The taste was pleasant and familiar, it hits your palette in a similar way the smell does, with a sharp rich aftertaste.

The effects are strong and unique for an indica. A burst of energy and excitement is followed by a funnel of relaxation and euphoria. You could be easily fooled into thinking this is a hybrid, likely due to the parental genetics having hybrids in them, but this indica shines as a very potent and enjoyable strain.

The products match the shopping experience; pleasant, happy, and relaxed. Native Green Wellness shows us exactly what a dispensary can and should be.

If you’ve been to Native Green Wellness, send us your thoughts at @arkansas_mmj on Twitter!

Get Your Arkansas Marijuana Card

All in all, the experience at Native Green Wellness was an absolute 10. Having been to hundreds of dispensaries across the country, NGW has positioned itself as a strong contender for Arkansas cannabis, and for good reason.

The staff were kind, pricing was competitive, and the products are impressive. Arkansas medical marijuana patients have a lot to look forward to with this dispensary, and Arkansas Marijuana Card looks forward to covering news and updates for patients in the Natural State.

Being an Arkansas marijuana patient allows you the freedom to choose which medication is right for you.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana program is available for anyone with a qualifying condition, and getting your card is fast and easy with Arkansas Marijuana Card.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way, feel free to give us a call at 844-249-8714, and we can answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Arkansas.


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