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Arkansas Marijuana Patients Seek Out of State Buds in Oklahoma

Out of State Buds from Oklahoma

Arkansas vs Oklahoma Cannabis

Arkansas marijuana patients have a lot more access to their cannabis than they did in 2019. With dispensaries open and cultivation facilities up and running, the Natural State has seen tremendous growth—and sales have gone through the roof.

While revenues are high, so are prices.

And although Oklahoma only legalized medical marijuana a year before Arkansas, many Arkansans make frequent pilgrimages to the Sooner State for their cannabis.

We’ll look at some of the reasons why Arkansas marijuana patients might throw aside that old Southern rivalry, and find themselves at an Oklahoma dispensary.

The Difference Between Arkansas and Oklahoma Cannabis

There are some differences between Arkansas and Oklahoma in how they handle medical cannabis, so we will cover those first.

· 3 ounces of usable cannabis on them, and 8 ounces at home

· 1 ounce of concentrate

· 72 ounces of edibles

Note: Though Oklahoma has a higher possession limit, you can still only legally possess 2.5 ounces of cannabis in Arkansas.

In addition, Oklahoma marijuana patients also enjoy the freedom of cultivating their own cannabis plants, with up to six mature plants and six seedlings.

With the key differences out of the way, let’s cover some reasons why Arkansas marijuana patients might look abroad for their cannabis.

Why Arkansans Buy Oklahoma Cannabis

There are two main reasons why Arkansans look to the border for their buds, and it’s pretty cut and dry.

Price and product variety.

Oklahoma Cannabis Prices are Better than Arkansas Prices

Price is one of the main reasons to purchase your medical cannabis in Oklahoma. To be fair, it’s pretty close to half the price of Arkansas cannabis.

In Oklahoma you’ll find many products up to 50% cheaper than what you might see in an Arkansas dispensary.

Though there might be some hope for health insurance to cover medical cannabis in the future, right now most patients are paying out of pocket. And the difference in cost is a pretty extreme slope in affordability.

Average Arkansas Cannabis Costs

· 1/8th of Top Shelf Flower - $55

· 100mg Edible - $40

· 1g Concentrate - $80

· 1g Vape Cartridge - $100

Average Oklahoma Cannabis Costs

· 1/8th of Top Shelf Flower - $28

· 100mg Edible - $20

· 1g Concentrate - $30

· 1g Vape Cartridge - $45

As you can see, there’s a severe difference in cost. This is the biggest factor in choosing out of state buds for your medicine. While every dispensary is different, these were the most common prices found as of April 2021.

Oklahoma Cannabis Product Variety is Better than Arkansas Variety

Second to price, is product variety. Oklahoma has the benefit of having many more dispensaries than Arkansas.

Oklahoma has over 2,200 dispensaries, while Arkansas currently has 31, a number that pales in comparison. With higher possession amounts, and thousands more dispensaries, Oklahoma’s product variety is much more robust.

You can find many different types of cannabis products that aren’t yet available in Arkansas. Live resin concentrates, drinks, pre-rolls, moonrocks, even inhalers. The product line shines in Oklahoma.

How to Buy Cannabis in Oklahoma

Arkansans seeking to purchase their medical cannabis out of state will need to file for a temporary license with Oklahoma. The license is good for 30 days and has a fee of $100. This may seem a little short and steep. But when you consider the reduced cost of cannabis in Oklahoma, for some patients it’s more affordable.

For many, the cost may not outweigh the benefit. If you live in a southeastern city in Arkansas and consume a very small amount of cannabis, it might not be right for you. If you live in a northeastern city like Ft. Smith and consume a higher amount of cannabis, it might make a lot more sense.

For more detailed information on using your medical marijuana card out of state, check out our guide here.

Get Your Arkansas Marijuana Card Today

As an Arkansas marijuana patient, you can likely find a dispensary pretty close to you. If you’re looking for better prices, a mini vacation to Oklahoma might be an option to consider as a qualified patient.

If you’re not already an Arkansas marijuana patient, schedule your appointment today and start your path to getting the relief you need with medical cannabis. Our team of compassionate doctors and knowledgeable patient support counselors will help you every step of the way.


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