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Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Appointments Flourish Amid Pandemic

The medical marijuana industry has been one of the fastest growing industries since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as 48% of Americans have used cannabis in their lifetime. However, since the pandemic, the industry has experienced even more growth and the utilization of telemedicine has been a contributing factor.

How Telemedicine Has Changed Traditional Doctors Appointments

Prior to the pandemic, only a few states allowed physicians to perform medical marijuana evaluations through telemedicine. But many states considered dispensaries to be essential businesses and due to the stay at home orders that were put in place, they permitted telemedicine appointments. Since then, over 20 states have approved the use of virtual appointments for medical marijuana recommendations.

The use of telemedicine has not only created a comfortable and safe way for patients to meet with doctors without any risk, but it has also allowed for a greater patient reach. Virtual appointments enable patients with specific medical conditions that may restrict them from leaving home to be able to receive a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment. It also allows patients who may not live close to a medical marijuana physician to be approved for treatment while eliminating the commute.

If you are interested in scheduling a telemedicine appointment, give us a call today at

(844) 249-8714 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

With virtual appointments becoming more widespread and the positive feedback received from patients, we hope to see telemedicine become permanent in the future, so we can provide our patients with an easy way to access the treatment they need.

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