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Marijuana Breathalyzer’s Could Be Seen In 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Marijuana Breathalyzer Device Hound Labs
Marijuana Breathalyzers could begin being used as early as 2020.

Just as breathalyzers exist to test for alcohol consumption, a California company is producing a device that will help test marijuana-impaired drivers.

Hounds Lab, based in Oakland, has created a device that can detect marijuana in an individual’s system and is reported to be produced in 2020.

Back in June, The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a survey that showed in a month, about 15 million drivers have reported getting behind the wheel one hour after they consumed marijuana. The AAA stated, “the impairing effects of marijuana are usually experienced within the first one to four hours after using the drug.” Hounds Lab breathalyzer device will be able to detect marijuana traces within three hours of consumption.

Marijuana Breathalyzer Device Hound Labs
Hound Labs breathalyzer would be able to detect marijuana that has been consumed in the past 3 hours.

Impaired driving runs a high safety risk as marijuana can alter individuals' perception, reaction time and psychomotor performance, causing a hazard for not only the driver but others on the road as well.

This device will be beneficial for law enforcement as there is currently an insufficiency of reliable and accurate scientific methods of determining whether or not drivers behind the wheel have consumed marijuana. One of the methods presently being used is the 12-step DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) evaluation.

Mike Lynn, co-found of Hound Labs says he expects the breathalyzer devices to also be used in the workplace. With being able to detect marijuana use within the past number of hours, employers will be able to ensure employees are not intoxicated on the job. This will be beneficial for jobs such as construction workers or truck drivers since they operate heavy machinery and drive.

It is always important to remember when consuming marijuana to not operate a vehicle when you are feeling inebriated. The best resolution is to wait it out or find alternative methods of transportation if you have used marijuana.


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