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High vs Low THC Which Should You Get?

Should I get high or low THC

THC levels have certainly gotten higher in the last 10 years.

Arkansas cannabis patients have a lot of choices when it comes to THC content. The statement “Not your grandpa’s bud” applies.

With some strains reaching upwards of 35% it’s not uncommon to find cannabis with 25-30% THC in Arkansas dispensaries. There are even occasionally discounts for flower with lower THC content.

With such a range in THC percentage, should you be buying cannabis with higher THC content?

Arkansas Marijuana Card is your go-to resource for cannabis news and information, in this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about high vs low THC content in Arkansas.

Arkansas Cannabis: Terpenes and Cannabinoids

Before we talk about the differences between high and low THC cannabis, we need to lay out a few terms for what we’ll be working with.

Cannabis is a complex plant with many different parts, and those parts work synergistically with each other to produce the resulting experience.As it turns out there are several contributing factors in what determines that experience, based on a couple of different parts of the plant.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are located in the same glands as THC and CBD, and they produce part of the flavor and the scent of cannabis strains. They also play a critical role in what effects are produced, ranging from relaxed or sedated, to happy or focused.

Any individual cannabis strain can have a completely different composition of terpenes, with varying degrees of one or another.

This makes up a terpene profile.

Some terpenes like myrcene, which is also found in hops and lemongrass, promote sleepiness and pain relief. Found in strains like Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, many strains with high levels of myrcene are familiar to patients who enjoy indica dominant strains.

Other terpenes like limonene, which is found in oranges and strains like Wedding Cake and Banana OG, produce a lemon scent and promote elevated mood, stress relief and maybe some antibacterial properties.

In essence, you can think of terpenes as if they were responsible for producing specific effects and supporting the cannabinoids in the plant. Check out this article on common terpenes found in Arkansas cannabis strains to learn more.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are compounds found in the cannabis plant. The most widely-recognized cannabinoids include THC, CBD, CBG and CBN.

There are a lot of other cannabinoids present in cannabis plants as well, and scientists are slowly making headway in discovering and analyzing them all.

Cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors on the surface of cells in your body. Your central nervous system has built in receptors that network with cannabinoids in the plant, the two main ones being the CB1 receptor and the CB2 receptor.

Cannabinoids work with terpenes and other compounds, and eventually make their way to receptors in your brain in a recipe that produces the precise effects of that strain.

These cannabinoids come in different forms and do different things.

Some cannabinoids like THC and CBN produce a feeling of euphoria or drowsiness, , while CBD and CBG are not intoxicating.

Does THC Content Matter for the Effectiveness of Arkansas Cannabis?

In laying out the different parts of the cannabis plant you could come to the conclusion that terpenes are like a vehicle for THC. They shape and form how effects can be produced and play a critical role in the experience once they have all mixed together in your body.

While some of the strongest strains of all time like White Widow and OG Kush have considerably lower THC contents, they’re legendary for being very potent and sedating. Strains like GG4 and Girl Scout Cookies are high THC strains that have been staples in the cannabis community for years.

This is important to understand in determining what the level of THC really means in your cannabis.

  • Higher THC content does not necessarily mean a stronger effect.

  • Higher THC certainly means stronger potency.

  • Lower THC doesn’t necessarily produce a lighter effect.

  • Lower THC certainly means lesser potency.

Very high THC content products like concentrates or extracts that are isolating as much THC as possible can be as high as 90% these days.

They produce very strong, very fast effects. For good reason, they are delivering a much more potent dosage in smaller amounts. This produces a very strong, identifiably unique high.

Products with a lower THC percentage but more compounds like flower can produce a very strong effect, nearly immediately, and have identifiably more unique effects. Since they contain more compounds that do more things than extracts, you can expect a different experience.

The difference between cannabis flower with 15% total THC and cannabis flower with 25% total THC could be incredibly different or incredibly slight depending on their terpene profiles.

This may be largely subjective to the patient, and can be wildly variable depending on dosage, but it paints a picture of some of the more abstract reasons for why THC content matters, but possibly not for the reasons you might think.

What THC Content Really Means When You Shop at Arkansas Dispensaries

If higher THC content doesn’t necessarily produce a stronger experience, does it matter at all?


In fact, purchasing cannabis is similar to choosing gas for your vehicle.

A lower THC content with the right terpene profile will be potent and efficient. A patient with a higher tolerance might add a little extra to the bowl, and a patient with a lower tolerance might prefer the more manageable dosage range.

This is the regular grade gas.

A higher THC content will produce a stronger potency. That means you’ll use less and get more. A patient with a higher tolerance might find these slightly more effective, and a patient with a lower tolerance might find these a little overwhelming.

This is the mid-grade gas.

Products with extremely high THC content like extracts or edibles at higher doses, will produce the strongest potency with the strongest effects. A patient with a higher tolerance might find these very efficient and patients with a lower tolerance should use caution. These are typically products that are isolating as much THC as possible to increase effectiveness and potency.

This is premium grade gas.

Get Your Arkansas Marijuana Card

Arkansas is home to a variety of cannabis strains and THC levels now.

As an Arkansas marijuana patient you can enjoy the benefits of whatever THC level is right for you, and Arkansas marijuana card is here to help. Feel free to give us a call at 844-249-8714, and we can help answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Arkansas.


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