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Cannabis Events in the South – Summer 2021

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Cannabis Events In The South For Summer 2021

Warm weather and COVID-19 vaccines are arriving just in time for Arkansas marijuana patients to enjoy a beautiful, and let’s be honest, a much needed, Summer of 2021. With mask mandates ending, outdoor events in full swing, and new states in the south launching medical marijuana programs, 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting break from the crazy of the last few years. To celebrate the return to normalcy, there are tons of cannabis events to attend this year, and in this article you’ll find a list of the top cannabis events in the south for Summer ’21!

Arkansas Marijuana Card Guide: Cannabis Events in the South for Summer 2021

Chronic Palooza on the Lake – Meeker Lake, Oklahoma July 9th – 11th

Chronic Palooza on the Lake looks like a super fun party, with body painting, live music, food trucks, vendor booths and even a kid zone for face painting and family friendly activities, Chronic Palooza is all about the fun. Check out the dispensary tours, with free rides for patients to dispensaries with discounts and raffle giveaways at each stop!

Lucky Leaf Expo – Multiple Dates & Locations

Dallas, TX July 9th & 10th

Oklahoma City, OK September 3rd & 4th

Jackson, MS October 8th & 9th

Houston, TX November 5th & 6th

Austin, TX May 14th & 15th

Geared for cannabis & hemp both, you’ll find vendors and booths for everything cannabis related at Lucky Leaf Expo. Advertising as the only expo in the Texas region that covers both cannabis and hemp, you’ll likely see a ton of CBD events and booths in Lucky Leaf, which is great for patients in states that only have access to low-THC products!

High Times Cannabis Cup Oklahoma - Tulsa, OK July 24th & 25th

A name everyone is sure to be familiar with, High Times hosts the annual Cannabis Cup for Oklahoma in July. Open to the public, you’ll find vendor booths, product judging, business insiders, and of course, cannabis enthusiasts. You’re sure to find every southern grown strain at this massive event, and registration is free, or if you want to shell out a few bucks you could apply to be a judge and find yourself tasting the best of the best in southern cannabis!

The Grow Tradefest - Lake Ozark, MO August 27th – 29th

The Grow Tradefest just happens to be at the same time and place as the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, a huge unsanctioned boat racing event that is actually absurd. With entertainment from Chingy, Tone Loc, and Mac Lethal, The Grow Tradefest is a perfect event to attend while you check out the Ozarks Shootout. Tickets are only $65 for the whole weekend, and you’ll definitely enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of music & marijuana over boat motors as a nice getaway.

The Southern Hemp Expo - Raleigh, NC September 2nd – 4th

Expanding from their success in Tennessee, the Southern Hemp Expo is a full weekend packed with speakers, vendors, presentations, and a ton of networking. There’s something for everyone here, as one of the largest events you’ll find over 250 exhibitors and over 100 speakers, covering just about every aspect of cannabis from seed to stoned.

Black CannaConference & Expo - New Orleans, LA September 18th – 20th

Sponsored by BlackCannaBusiness Magazine, this event is all about business and growth in the cannabis industry. The conference will feature speakers and panels covering topics such as technology, dispensary processes, business operations, and cannabis career & professional development. For anyone looking to enter the business of cannabis, the Black CannaConference & Expo 2021 should be at the top of your list for cannabis events this year!

CannaCon South – Virginia Beach, VA November 19th & 20th

CannaCon is one of the Nation’s largest cannabis business conferences, if you want to get up to date on the latest technology or the newest cannabis products, you’ll find them at CannaCon. Its main goal is B2B networking, CannaCon is a friendly place to meet and connect with lots of entrepreneurs and engineers alike. Tickets aren’t free, but they are affordable and can be bought in advance on the website.

Become an Arkansas Marijuana Patient

2021 is packed full of events, parties, and networking opportunities for Arkansas marijuana patients.

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