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Best Buds to Smoke for 420 in Arkansas

420 best buds

The Arkansas medical marijuana program is flourishing, and it’s starting to get exciting. While the industry has been growing nationally for years, Arkansas is just now turning the page in cultivation.

We’re starting to see higher THC levels in our buds, better curing, and more refined concentrates. And while the pandemic might make our 420 plans a little more intimate, we’re celebrating by lighting up some of the best buds in the state.

Arkansas Marijuana Card has tested some of the best strains coming out of the Natural State, and in this article we’ll cover our top five favorite strains to smoke on 420 in Arkansas!

4/20/2021: The Best Arkansas Cannabis Strains for World Cannabis Day

When the first dispensary opened in 2019, strain choices were a little slim. Fast forward two years later and we have a much more robust line of strains, strengths, and terpene profiles to choose from.

With all the strains out right now, we’ve compiled a list of our personal favorites. These strains stood out among the rest for specific reasons, and every strain that made this list has gone through several rounds of intensive review. All of the strains on this list were bought at Arkansas dispensaries, and have been thoroughly enjoyed in writing this review.

The requirements for being a best bud to smoke on 420 are high, and to make the list the following conditions had to be met:

1. The strains need to be widely available in the state.

2. They need to be commonly available near 04-20-2021.

3. They must have a unique quality that makes them stand out.

4. They need to be potent.

5. They need to be enjoyable.

While many strains will meet some of these requirements, not every strain will meet all of them. And while we have put in a lot of hard work to make sure the strains on this list were as available as possible close to 420, that is an impossible thing to guarantee.

As of writing this article, all of these strains can be purchased at Arkansas dispensaries, and we highly recommend you try them.

In order to purchase edibles from dispensaries, patients must first become an Arkansas marijuana patient. Our team of doctors at Arkansas Marijuana Card are here to help -- give us a call at 844-249-8714 to get your questions answered today!

The Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke in Arkansas

#5. Critical Sensi Star

Name: Critical Sensi Star

Type: Indica

Cultivator: Osage

Critical Sensi Star makes #5 on our list as a potent, spicy Indica. The buds are thick and frosty, and the terpene profile gives it a robust, punchy flavor. Sliding on the list with THC percentages in the low to mid 20’s, Critical Sensi Star has strong cerebral effects for being an Indica, and that’s what made it stand out for this list. Critical Sensi Star feels like a hybrid but smokes like an indica. If you’re a fan of earthy, spicier flower and want something that doesn’t taste as aggressive as Sour Diesel or AK47, Critical Sensi Star is the perfect choice.

#4. Eleven Roses

Name: Eleven Roses

Type: Indica

Cultivator: Osage

Eleven Roses has become very popular in Arkansas. Bred by crossing Appalachian Kush with Sugar Black Rose, Eleven Roses is starting to boast some pretty high THC levels, hovering around 23%. A cheese Danish smell, strong body high, and thick fluffy buds make this strain a must-have for 420 in Arkansas.

Eleven Roses does an excellent job of relaxing the body, and the taste is something to experience. The high from Eleven Roses is a low and slow burn, for indica lovers this strain is sure to check all the boxes.

#3. Alien Rock Candy

Name: Alien Rock Candy

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cultivator: Bold

Landing an easy #3 on the list is Alien Rock Candy. Alien Rock Candy has been through a few generations in Arkansas now, and it’s definitely nearing the top of the list for the stoner experience.

As an indica dominant hybrid, Alien Rock Candy produces an extraordinarily strong high that will have you happy, hungry, and euphoric. The buds themselves are a gorgeous light green color full of terpenes, and it smells fruity and citrusy.

Caution: Alien Rock Candy is a sleeper! The high starts off very noticeably and slowly ramps up into a very strong, very fun experience. High levels of euphoria and the munchies are to be expected. Alien Rock Candy gets the #3 spot on this list because the high is very unique and extremely pleasant.

#2. GG4

Name: GG4 aka Gorilla Glue #4

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cultivator: Bold

Gorilla Glue is a stoner staple. It’s been around for forever and has crowned itself one of the kings of cannabis. Understandably so, GG4 has a beautiful frosty green appearance and an incredible sweet smell.

GG4’s effects are well known, strong euphoria and “couch-lock” are commonplace with this strain. GG4 makes the list from Bold cultivators because of the sticky, well-manicured buds, and the outrageously pleasurable high.

GG4 will have you very happy and relaxed. Plan on staying in for the night, open up a good book, and be prepared to blast off.

#1. Scott’s OG Express

Name: Scott’s OG Express

Type: Hybrid

Cultivator: Osage

Coming in at #1 on the list is Scott’s OG Express.

What lands this strain at #1 on the list is a combination of 10/10’s across the board. It smells like a dispensary, hits like a freight train, and tastes fruity.

A perfect blend of sativa & indica effects, Scott’s OG Express is the toughest strain on the list to find commonly. It is available though, and if you happen to see some on the shelf grab it immediately!

Scott’s OG Express is a cross of Scott’s OG and Pineapple Express and the wax concentrate has become my go-to dab for good reason. The high is very strong, and the effects are immediate.

This is the perfect strain for staying in, making some popcorn and watching a movie (we recommend Pineapple Express for obvious reasons). You’re not going to want to move from your seat, and that’s what makes Scott’s OG Express the #1 strain to smoke for 420.

Check out our list of Top Cannabis Strains to Smoke in 2021 and send pictures of your buds to @arkansas_marijuana on Instagram!

Get Your Arkansas Marijuana Card

420 is celebrated every year across the world by millions of people.

There’s no better way to enjoy this stoner holiday during a pandemic than by staying in and lighting up the best buds.

Arkansas is slowly making its way into the cannabis community by growing and cultivating plants that produce high yields and high THC percentage.

Being an Arkansas marijuana patient allows you to take advantage of all the strains grown here locally, and with nothing but growth on the horizon for the Natural State, there’s no better time than now to become an Arkansas marijuana patient.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana program is available for anyone with a qualifying condition, and getting your card is fast and easy with Arkansas Marijuana Card.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way, feel free to give us a call at 844-249-8714, and we can answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Arkansas.


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