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Are Edibles Available in Arkansas?

marijuana edibles in Arkansas

Arkansas marijuana patients are enjoying exclusive access to a variety of products at dispensaries, including edibles.

Edibles first rolled out in the market in 2019 with high anticipation from patients, and with some tricky regulation for cultivators to follow.

In Arkansas there is specific legislation that restricts some types of products that are available in other states. In this article we’ll cover what those regulations are, what kind of products are available, and what your choices are as an Arkansas marijuana patient.

Arkansas Cannabis Edibles: Behind the Scenes

Arkansas medical marijuana is regulated by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

They are the agency responsible for designing and

implementing the regulatory processes and procedures that dispensaries and cultivators have to follow.

The Arkansas ABC Division enacted rules early on regarding the manufacturing of edibles for cultivators in Arkansas. They include some broad prohibitive language on edibles, restricting many of the traditional product options you would find in other medical marijuana states.

Cultivators cannot process or manufacture edibles that are “likely to appeal to minors”, which includes “candy, cookies, and brownies.”

Edibles cannot be modeled after foods primarily consumed by or marketed to children, or be in familiar shapes like animals, vehicles, or characters.

They cannot be manufactured by adding cannabis to any already commercially available product, and they cannot be sold in non-childproof packaging or containers that might appeal to children by their shape, color, taste, or design.

These broad-stroke regulations are the reason why your strawberry gummy will likely be black or brown, and why you probably won’t find any infused choco tacos (personal favorite) on the shelf any time soon.

With what seems like an overreach on protective regulations, what kind of edibles can you get in Arkansas?

What Kind of Marijuana Edibles Can I Get in Arkansas?

On the positive side, edibles are available in Arkansas and there is a variety of products you can choose from. The two frontrunners in the Arkansas edible race are gummies and chocolate bark.

The gummies, which look more like dark tablets than colorful little bears, come in a range of flavors like lemon, strawberry cheesecake, grape, and sour watermelon. They are usually in 100mg THC packages, with each gummy being close to a 10mg THC dose. They are typically around $25 for a 10 pack, and there are even vegan options.

The chocolate barks, which are essentially chocolate bars, also come in a range of different flavors including banana caramel, hazelnut espresso, and s’mores. The whole bar usually contains around 100mg THC sectioned off into 10mg THC pieces. These can range in price from $35 to $70 depending on the product and its total THC content, as occasionally you will see 200mg THC bars.

Other products are available, although they are slightly less common stock. So if you happen to see these at your dispensary and are interested in trying them, don’t hesitate to pick them up as they can sell out very quickly.

Hard candies (sometimes called roches), which are essentially hardened versions of the gummies, come in a wide range of doses and an even wider range of prices.

Sublingual troches, a newer product variation for the Natural State, are lozenges that dissolve underneath the tongue. They are typically found with 200mg THC at around 40mg THC doses and can be sparingly found for around $50.

Tinctures, capsules, and even cooking oil are sprinkled throughout the Arkansas cannabis marketplace, but they aren’t nearly as widely purchased or as consistently available.

Make Your Own Marijuana-Infused Edibles

While there are several products available at dispensaries, many patients choose to make their own medicine.

It is perfectly legal for Arkansas marijuana patients to make their own edibles, and many find it more cost efficient to cook their own cannabis.

There are an infinite number of ways to make edibles at home, ranging from the beginner’s cannabutter all the way to 5-star gourmet dishes.

The possibilities are endless and making your own edibles can be an exciting venture into the world of cooking with cannabis.

As always, be mindful of your THC content and dosages when taking, and especially making edibles.

With flower and concentrate both available in the state, making your own cannabis infusions or dishes is a very reasonable choice and can be a lot of fun.

Check out our guide on making your own edibles and send us some photos of your cannabis dishes at @arkansas_marijuana on Instagram!

Get Your Arkansas Marijuana Card for Access to Cannabis Edibles and More

Arkansas marijuana patients have some choices when it comes to buying their edibles at a dispensary or making them at home. And while the industry grows and new products come out, the future looks very bright for Arkansas edibles—even with the restrictions in the state.

New cultivators with new products will be coming out over the coming years, and that means patients will benefit from a variety of new medicines that are expected to roll out.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana program is available for anyone with a qualifying condition, and getting your card is fast and easy with Arkansas Marijuana Card.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way! Feel free to give us a call at 844-249-8714, and we can answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Arkansas.


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