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Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card in Recreational States

There can be benefits to having a medical marijuana card in recreational states [Source: Leafly]

In the upcoming 2020 election, Arkansas voters may approve the legal use of recreational marijuana in the state. This begs the question, is there any benefit to having a medical marijuana card in a state where recreational cannabis is legal?

There are, in fact, numerous benefits that come from having a medical card in recreational states. Here’s what they are.

1. Lower Age Requirement

Recreational cannabis is only available to those 21 years of age and older. Medical cannabis, on the other hand, is legal to those with any one of the qualifying conditions who are at least 18 years old. This means that patients under the age of 21 must have a medical card to purchase cannabis, even if it becomes legal recreationally.

2. Marijuana Tax Exemptions

In many states with both medical and recreational dispensaries, sales tax is lower for medical cannabis. The result is lower prices for all medical cannabis products. For example, in Washington, there is a 37% sales tax on recreational marijuana.

3. Higher Possession Limits and Fewer Restrictions on Purchase Limits

Even in states where both recreational and medicinal marijuana is legal, there are limits imposed on how much cannabis you can buy and how much you can have on you. These limits are usually higher for patients with a medical marijuana card than for the general public. In California, recreational users can only possess 1 ounce of cannabis, while medical marijuana patients can possess 8 ounces.

4. Growing Your Own Weed

In some legal states, citizens are permitted to grow their own cannabis plants. People are often authorized to grow more plants at home if they have a medical card. Or in the case of Washington, only medical marijuana patients are able to grow and recreational users are not. As growing your own marijuana is a strategy that can save you money over the long run, growing more plants is a good way to cut costs.

5. Access to Higher THC Products

People with certain medical conditions might find that they do better with high-potency cannabis products (those high in THC). In some states, medicinal cannabis products are legally allowed to contain more THC than their recreational counterparts. For instance, edibles in Washington state can contain up to 25 mg/serving THC on the medical side, but just 10 mg/serving THC on the rec side.

6. Greater Cannabis Access

Many states with recreational cannabis allow individual municipalities to opt-in or out of allowing recreational dispensaries. Because of this, there may be areas where a patient would have access to a medical marijuana dispensary nearby but would have to drive further to reach a recreational dispensary.

7. Discounts at Dispensaries

As a general rule, cannabis products, whether edibles, flower, or concentrates, tend to be less expensive at medical dispensaries than recreational ones. Combine this with the lower tax cost and the ability to grow more of your own cannabis, and medical marijuana becomes much less expensive.

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