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Should I Tell My Kids About My Medical Marijuana Use?

Talking to my kids about my medical marijuana use

If there is one thing that we all teach our children, it’s not to do drugs. This message doesn’t tend to come with many caveats, outside of alcohol at 21.

But what should you do if you use medical cannabis to treat a medical condition? Do you tell your kids about it, or do you hide it from them?

Parents who use medical cannabis might worry that if their children discover that they use marijuana, they will start to use it too. And with the potential negative effects of cannabis on the developing brain, that’s something every parent wants to avoid.

Yet, those who use medical marijuana are using it for therapeutic purposes. It is there to help with conditions that are hard to treat otherwise. By talking to your children about why you use cannabis, you can also explain the difference between therapeutic use as an adult and recreational use as a teen.

Additionally, talking to your children about your experience with cannabis opens up communication. With cannabis legality quickly spreading, there is a fair chance that your kids may have access to legal marijuana—once they turn 21, that is. By being open and honest, you give your kids a resource when they have questions about cannabis.

And let’s be honest—how long do you think you can hide medical marijuana from your kids?

When they’re in elementary or middle school, they may not know the signs. But once they’re in high school, they’ll probably figure it out on their own. And then you’ve lost the chance to have the conversation on your terms.

So, when is the right time to tell your kids you use medical marijuana?

The right time to have the talk will vary from one family to another. Time the conversation at an age that you think is best for your family.

When you talk to your kids about marijuana, educate them about the benefits and the drawbacks. You can use this as an opportunity to teach your kids the truth about drugs, the good and the bad. This honesty will give them the information they need to make the right choices as they grow older.

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