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Medical Marijuana Prices Unstable as New Products Hit Shelves

Arkansas has been hard at work installing new dispensaries near the Northwest side of the state, offering new products and new prices in locations near the Oklahoma border.

Patients with qualifying conditions who have been approved for an Arkansas medical marijuana card are shopping the new stores, stirring some controversy about the higher prices in central parts of the state.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the new products and prices that have hit the Natural State!

New Products Hit Dispensary Shelves in Arkansas

The Arkansas medical marijuana program certainly hasn’t slowed down since the first dispensary opened in 2019, in fact any Google search for “Arkansas marijuana” will reveal mostly results of how many millions of dollars the state is excitedly selling in gross cannabis sales.

Despite the ramp up in production from the handful of cultivators permitted in the state, new products have only slowly made their way into consumer hands, offering different and new strains of cannabis flower, but mostly the same product types.

Despite the slow and somewhat disappointing line of products in the state, there have been a few new additions to Arkansas dispensary lineups that deserve a positive mention, including new edible products, new hash products, and a few new vaporizing products from Natural State Medicinals.

In the last quarter of 2021, there have been a few notable mentions that have been flying off dispensary shelves.

Good Day Farm, the cultivator growing for both Arkansas and Louisiana has released new lines of both concentrates and edibles, offering a cannabis infused jar of honey with 150mg of THC at a very affordable price, as well as their new line of vegan edible gummies ranging in flavors like Spicy Margarita, Watermelon Sugar, and Wild Berry.

Unfortunately, GDF’s hash products miss the mark a bit in flavor, consistency, and packaging.

Vacuum sealed bags for hash products become immediately pointless as soon as a patient wants to see the product before they make the final purchase at the dispensary.

And with some dispensaries preferring to not even open the packages to show patients the products, small mistakes in the supply chain like these will ultimately make GDF concentrates an easy pass over the more flavorful and visible products from other cultivators unless some changes are made in quality and production.

New Hash Products Available in Arkansas

Cultivators have heard a few of the cries from concentrate users in Arkansas, offering a new line of “Diamonds & Sauce” products that are attractive for hash connoisseurs, if you happen to also be affluent or wealthy.

At $90/gram in Central Arkansas, the “Diamonds & Sauce” can hardly be considered affordable by any stretch of the imagination, though they are good quality, excluding a brief addition of distillate for their sauce choice in one particularly run.

If you have the money, the “Diamonds & Sauce” line is actually quite good, both in flavor, taste, as well as effects.

We’re still holding out for more flavorful choices like Live Resin, quality rosin, and pressed hash using top tier plant material, though there seems to be a lack of interest from cultivators to move away from their cheaper technology and cut-the-corners approach.

Cultivators have also oversold their extraction technology in Arkansas, tricking dispensaries into selling “CRC” made products as a novel and positive swing. Though when reality sets in, it’s obvious that the CRC products are merely subpar quality hash dressed up to look like better products (and they don’t taste great, I promise).

CRC, or color remediation column technology, is a clever trick used to turn unpleasant looking and tasting concentrate products into more attractive, brighter, and more colorful products.

As opposed to the preferred narrative from cultivators and dispensaries, CRC tech is merely a way for cultivators to put a pretty bow on subpar products, while maintaining ridiculously high prices.

Finally, in a positive turn of events, one cultivator has started releasing “Baller Jars”, or 3.5 gram hash jars at a reduced price that brings the average price per gram a little closer to reality, though still pricey compared to every other hash market.

Low Prices Close to the Border Cause Upset & Confusion – Dispensaries Pull Out of Advertising Online Prices

A dispensary in Fayetteville, Arkansas had their grand opening earlier this year in 2021, expecting a large turnout, but instead garnering some anger from other parts of the state.

With their grand opening, prices that were listed online were considerably lower than that from stores in Central Arkansas due to their proximity to the Oklahoma border, where Arkansas patients can find most cannabis products between 40-60% cheaper with an Oklahoma Visitor Pass.

The store opened their doors with similar pricing to Oklahoma, with most products available at the dispensary still maintaining a considerable price difference of around 40%-50% cheaper than dispensaries in Arkansas farther away from the Oklahoma border.

This is a disturbing example of price gouging for cultivators, considering the same cultivators produce the same products for all dispensaries in Arkansas.

With an obvious upset from local communities in Central Arkansas, the dispensary no longer lists their products on Weedmaps, instead favoring a proprietary online menu through their own website.

In a blatant example of terrible overpricing, Arkansas maintains pre-tax prices equivalent to some of the highest in the nation, only comparable to California products, post-tax prices. This is upsetting considering the quality difference, Arkansans are currently paying twice the price for half the quality of cannabis products, with limited options from only a select group of approved cultivators.

It’s our hope that with the inclusion of more cultivators and dispensaries, that Arkansas will lean away from the monopoly-model they’ve created and offer truly affordable prices for chronic and terminally ill patients.

And that future may look very hopeful if Arkansas passes a recreational cannabis bill next year, which could cause significant price decreases that would bring Arkansas medical marijuana back down to reality, and out of the clouds of stuffy cash cows.

Become an Arkansas Marijuana Patient

Arkansas has plowed through the last three years with their medical marijuana program, offering relief for chronic and terminally ill patients.

Qualifying Arkansas patients can reserve an appointment to meet with one of our certified physicians and learn more about medical marijuana treatment.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way, feel free to give us a call at 844-249-8714, and we can answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Arkansas.


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