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Know Your Arkansas Cannabis: Dabtabs

What are Dabtabs?

A new product arrived in 2021 for the Natural State, and after an initial small batch moved through the state, Dabtabs have gained some popularity. Competing for their share of the cannabis industry in the country, Arkansas looks to a company called ILO for a smaller, easier dabbable concentrate.

For Arkansas marijuana patients, clean, consistent cannabis products are attractive. But when the smoke settles, do Dabtabs live up the hype, and are they worth the price?

Arkansas Marijuana Card Explains: What Are Dabtabs?

Dabtabs are pre-measured concentrates infused in ceramic tablets.

Enclosed in a mineral-based ceramic shell, these CO2-based tablets or “dablets” can be dropped into a dab rig just like any other extract.

They are typically full-spectrum extracts, which means that the full structure of terpenes and cannabinoids are maintained through the extraction process. This is a huge benefit for patients who are interested in maintaining the structure of the plant from start to finish.

Traditional extracts like wax or shatter can be a little messy and harder for the beginner to dose, Dabtabs aim to address those problems and provide a more efficient way to dab.

How to Use Dabtabs

Dabtabs are very easy to use and more convenient than conventional extracts, though they play by their own set of rules when it comes to firing off.

Dabtabs work best with the cold-start method, and it’s as simple as placing a dabtab in your rig, applying heat for 15 seconds or until it starts to vaporize, and blast off! When the dabtab is done, it will turn black. It can be removed from the rig with a pair of tweezers and tossed in the trash.

Why Use Dabtabs?

Dabtabs have a couple of shining benefits that regular extracts don’t have.

They are extremely easy to use, just drop the dablet in and go. Since they are pre-measured, you don’t have to be concerned with taking too much or too little, each dablet contains around 40mg of THC and lasts between 3-6 hits.

Since it’s a dablet and not a shovel of extract, there is far less cleanup, and you don’t need a dab tool to scoop it out. You do need a pair of tweezers or an equivalent tool to remove the dablet once it’s done - you don’t want to be grabbing around trying to pick it out of a hot rig.

The Dabtabs that we tried from Natural State Medicinals came with a nice pair. Dabtabs are a great way for beginners to enter the dabbing world a little more comfortably, and for the experienced user it’s hard to beat the convenience factor.

Where to Buy Dabtabs in Arkansas?

Dabtabs can be found in many dispensaries across the state.

We’ve seen them at Natural Relief Dispensary in Sherwood, Arkansas as well as Herbology and House of Cannabis, both in Little Rock, Arkansas. Coming in strains like Mandarin Temple, Cookies, and Super Haze, there’s quite a bit of variety for those seeking indica, sativa, or hybrid strains.

As they become more common, more dispensaries will carry more varieties of dabtab strains.

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