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Does Cannabis Make You Lazy?

Does cannabis make you lazy?

Does cannabis make you lazy? A common misconception is that marijuana is responsible for making patients lazy, lethargic or just overall unproductive. Is this really true?

While there can be side effects associated with using cannabis for medical treatment, there are methods to ensure that your treatment plan will not interfere with your overall productivity. Here are some tips:

1. Set a Time for Treatment

It is helpful to set a scheduled time each day for your use. If you use medical marijuana to aid with sleep, you should not medicate several hours prior to heading off to bed. A tip for well-rested slumber is to take an edible 30-45 minutes before bedtime. This will ensure you have enough time to and unwind before drifting off to sleep.

2. Set A Budget

This is a tough one, but it can be done. Start by writing down how much you consume each day and the types of cannabis products you are using. By doing this, you can plan for how much you are spending each time you visit the dispensary. This is no different than adding your projected monthly expenses on prescription medication to your budget.

3. Keep a Journal

We encourage you to keep a journal to document your cannabis journey. Each patient reacts differently with treatment. The Releaf App is a great tracking app for patients to document their medical marijuana journey. If you are having trouble focusing on tasks, this app allows you to track your dosage, methods of consumption and side effects.

Another option is to simply document in a journal each time you medicate. When journaling your cannabis usage, you should include the type of product, dosage, time of consumption and your reactions. This will make it easier for budtenders to make thorough recommendations based on your experience.

Medical marijuana should be used to enhance your quality of life, not to inhibit it. We suggest developing a solid routine for medicating as well as keeping the line of communication open with your local dispensary to ensure you are getting the right products to meet your needs. Be sure to discuss all options of consumption with your local budtender to find the right fit for you!

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