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Celebrate Fourth of July with these Cannabis-Infused Dishes

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

What's better than combining cannabis and freedom? Despite the pandemic making this holiday a bit different than the last, we are here to help you make sure it's an enjoyable one for you and your loved ones. Below are our favorite marijuana-infused dishes for you to try this Fourth of July!

Cannabis Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a staple for any holiday gathering and medical marijuana patients can spice it up by adding some sweet relief to this sweet treat! In order to make the best cannabis-infused cupcakes, you will first need to make cannabis butter. Cannabis butter is the most common way to make your own at-home edibles, but if you are a novice baker, you can always use a tincture. For cannabis-infused cupcakes, replace traditional butter with the cannabis butter. Add red or blue food color to your cupcakes to make them even more patriotic!

Cannabis Brownies

Cannabis brownies are by far the most traditional and popular THC-infused edible out there. Create your own by making cannabis-infused butter, or by adding a tincture.

Baked Potatoes With Cannabutter

As you can tell, many cannabis-infused recipes require cannabutter. Heat your potatoes any way you like and add cannabutter and sour cream for the perfect addition to your backyard BBQ!

THC-Infused BBQ Sauce

Planning on grilling this Fourth of July? Why not add some extra flavor to your favorite BBQ sauce. The easiest way to infuse your BBQ sauce is to add drops of your favorite tincture. The possibilities are endless when it comes to BBQing!

Cannabis Lemonade

Cool down with some cannabis-infused lemonade! Add drops of your favorite tincture to a pitcher of lemonade for a refreshing beverage. This will be sure to cool you down and provide the relief you need after a long day in the sun!


Another refreshing treat for you to try this Fourth of July. Make your own popsicles by combining your favorite fruit and drops of tincture to your popsicles for a new twist on an old favorite.


THC-infused chocolate makes smores more fun than ever before. Next time you visit the dispensary, make sure to grab someTHC-infused milk or dark chocolate bars from an Arkansas dispensary near you to pair with marshmallows and graham crackers to roast it over the fire!

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