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Arkansas Marijuana Card Guide – Distillate & Vape Cartridges

Guide to distillate and vape cartridge's

Arkansas marijuana patients are enjoying a thriving cannabis market in 2021, with a wide array of product choices and a small handful of dispensaries available in the Natural State. And there’s one product you’ll find at every Arkansas dispensary: vape cartridges.

Vaping has exploded in the last few years, and the cannabis industry was quick to pick up this alternative to smoking. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about distillate and Arkansas vape cartridges!

Arkansas Vape Cartridges – A Portable Alternative to Smoking?

What is a Vape Cartridge?

Vaporizing has become a worldwide trend in the last decade as an alternative to cigarettes. Popular throughout the United States, tobacco vapes can be found in any gas station, tobacco store, and many retail shops.

The basic construction of a vape cartridge is some type of extracted oil, often combined with a thinning agent that is preloaded into a container usually designed to attach to a battery.

In the case of cannabis, the oil is usually distillate, and in the regulated medical market the thinning agent is commonly terpenes. In Arkansas this oil is preloaded into 510-compatible cartridge containers that can attach to a variety of batteries and devices allowing you to heat and inhale the vapor.

The advantages for having a cartridge full of ready-to-vape oil in a compact package are clear. Quick, convenient, and an alternative to smoke inhalation, many Arkansans choose vaping as their daily driver for cannabis consumption.

There are some drawbacks to vaping and some cartridges are better to vape than others. To understand which vape cartridges are best, we need to know a little about the science behind distillate.

Distillate – Cannabis Oil Extract in Arkansas

Distilling is an ancient technology that presumably dates back to Greek alchemists somewhere around the 1st Century.

Distillation has been around as an idea and tool for a long time, and today it’s used in nearly every industry for millions of different products.

Arkansas has its own unique history with distilling moonshine and bootlegging liquor, gaining prominence in the South as a key location for hideaways and underground moonshining operations in the Prohibition Era.

Arkansas Distillate - Highly Refined THC

Arkansas is making history in distillation once again, this time in the Cannabis industry with high THC distillate.

Cannabis distillate is a few streets down the block from alcohol distillation, but the idea is fairly similar. You want to isolate specific parts of the cannabis plant, refine them, and consume them.

For distillate, this process starts by reducing the components of the cannabis plant using a solvent like C02, refining the parts with ethanol, and purifying the final solution into an oil that is free from contaminants, including the solvent that was used.

What you end up with is a highly refined and concentrated oil that can be used in a lot of applications. It can be infused into edibles, made into tinctures, or used in any product it is being designed for. Often it is immediately prepacked into a cartridge for vaping and sent to dispensary shelves for consumers to purchase.

Are Vape Cartridges Dangerous?

While the media may have jumped at every chance to cover the scary health concerns of vape cartridges, the cartridges that caused serious health complications were purchased on the black market where extraction is often mishandled and harmful cutting agents like vitamin E acetate can be introduced at the will of whoever, whenever.

This is a very good reason to become an Arkansas marijuana patient, cannabis products, especially those requiring technical skills to produce, should come from a reputable source and be healthy and safe to consume.

Vape cartridges are often used as a healthier alternative to smoking, since vaping does not produce the same carcinogens or toxins as smoking, it is recognized as a better way to consume cannabis.

Arkansas cultivators and processors are highly regulated under extreme conditions set forth by overseeing committees and as such are bound to very serious procedures designed to make sure consumers have the healthiest, safest product.

Vape Cartridges in Arkansas

Vape cartridges are threaded containers with the extracted oil that is concentrated, ready to install onto a battery or pen immediately after purchase.

Most of the time cartridges are made using C02 distillate, but outside of the Arkansas border there are many types of vape cartridges available such as live resin cartridges, one of the most flavorful and effective cartridges, currently in extreme demand across the Country.

As of right now there are two main types of vape cartridges available in Arkansas:

· Standard C02 Distillate Cartridges

· Full Spectrum Extract Cartridges

Standard C02 distillate cartridges are the most common and can be found in every dispensary.

Standard VS Full Spectrum Extracts

Full spectrum extract cartridges are unique in that they retain as many cannabinoids and terpenes in the final product as possible.

In typical distillate extraction many desirable compounds are destroyed due to the volatility of the procedure. The final product consumers purchase often has far less cannabinoids and terpenes, and much more THC.

With full spectrum extraction, most if not all of the cannabinoids and terpenes are maintained in the final product on the shelf, adding many more desirable compounds that add new effects and benefits, and contribute to the entourage effect.

Producing full spectrum extracts requires more equipment and more time, making them less available and higher in demand. Many dispensaries offer full spectrum extract cartridges, and some dispensaries like Native Green Wellness in Little Rock produce their own full spectrum carts.

Are Full Spectrum Cartridges Worth the Price in Arkansas?

Cannabis prices are already high in Arkansas, with patients paying nearly double the price of what our neighbors pay in Oklahoma, even with dispensaries offering discounts and rewards. Full spectrum cartridges are no exception, often being considerably more expensive than standard carts in Arkansas, but the flavor and experience are well worth the cost.

If you’re looking to get the most out of a product that is already too expensive, full spectrum cartridges are the obvious choice.

Vape cartridges can be an excellent way to consume cannabis quickly and portably, being both convenient and compact. If you’re looking for immediate relief in the smallest package, vape cartridges are a great addition to your stash.

Become an Arkansas Marijuana Patient

Qualifying Arkansas patients can schedule an appointment to meet with one of our certified physicians and get approved for medical marijuana treatment.

We’re dedicated to helping patients every step of the way, feel free to give us a call at 844-249-8714, and we can answer your questions about getting medical marijuana in Arkansas.


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If you have any questions, call us at 844-249-8714, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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