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Arkansas Expected To See a Boom In Medical Marijuana Dispensary Openings This Fall

Native Green Wellness Arkansas Dispensary
Native Green Wellness was the fifth dispensary to open in Arkansas [Source: KATV]

As nine out of the 32 licensed dispensaries in Arkansas are fully operating, 23 of those still remain in the works. Luckily, state officials are expecting to see a rise in dispensary openings in Arkansas come this fall.

Back in August, the Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control Division compiled a document of a license report for all dispensaries in the state and their operation status.

According to the report, the following dispensaries are projected to open in the fall:

  • Big Fish of North Central Arkansas LLC in Herber Springs: Estimated opening in mid/late September

  • Plant Family Therapeutics LLC in Mountain Home: Estimated opening in September/October

  • Grassroots OpCo in Ward: Estimated opening in late September

  • Valentine Holdings in Fayetteville: Estimated opening in October

  • Harvest Cannabis Co in Conway: Estimated opening in September

  • Bloom Medicinals in Texarkana: Estimated opening in late September

  • Natural Relief Dispensary in Sherwood: Estimated opening in September/October

  • Arkansas Patient Services Company in Warren: Estimated opening in late October

  • River Valley Dispensary LLC in Bluffton: Estimated opening in Fall

  • 420 RX Inc in Russellville: Estimated opening in November

  • Comprehensive Care Group in West Memphis: Estimated opening in November

  • NAE Full Spectrum in Brooklyn: Estimated opening in October/November

The remaining dispensaries have an estimated opening by the end of the year.

In just four short months, Arkansas dispensary sales have reached $9 million with more than 12,000 pounds of medical marijuana sold.

Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Department of Finance and Administration stated that "if you look at other states, you have some that opened with a dozen dispensaries and didn't do the number Arkansas did in the first couple months with just a few dispensaries."

With the current success in medical marijuana sales for Arkansas, these numbers will only continue to grow as more dispensaries start operating throughout the state.

To see all of the Arkansas dispensaries that are currently open, along with their hours of operation, location and menu, check out our Arkansas Dispensary Location page!


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