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Celebrating 420 At Arkansas Dispensaries

Arkansas 420 Dispensary Deals

Happy 4/20 everyone. We understand that you might not be able to celebrate with all of your friends this year, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a great day enjoying the holiday while social distancing!  

With many people struggling financially right now, we wanted to make sure that our patients are informed about the best 4/20 discounts and promotions available at Arkansas dispensaries.  Check out the list below to see the deals from some of the most popular dispensaries.

Arkansas Natural Products - Clinton

  • 15% off order

Purspirit Cannabis Co - Fayetteville

  • Buy one Osage Creek Gummy at $24.99 and get the second one for $4.20

  • Buy one Osage Creek Cartridge at $60 and get the second one for $24.20

  • BOLD Concentrates (1/2g) for $24.20

  • BOLD and NSM Chocolate for $29.42

  • Cannabis Flower 1/8s for $29.42 for the following strains: Mazar x White Rhino, 11 Roses, Wicked Widow and Delicious Candy

Red River Remedy - Texarkana

  • Discounted Cannabis Flower (1g) for $10 for the following strains: Apple Sherbert, Sour Tangie, Burkle, Holy Roller OG, Crescendo #11 and White Widow

Greenlight Dispensary - Helena

  • 4/20 Compassion Ounce: Purchase 1oz of cannabis flower for $199 ( plus tax) and receive 3.5g of Premium Hybrid Rainbow Shake for just $4.20. (Limit 1 per patient, while supplies last)

  • Rainbow Alien Dust: $10 per gram

  • 1 Gram Cartridges for $99. Limit 1 per patient. Select strains, while supplies last.

  • Select 500mg Vape Carts only $45, Limit 2 per patient (Tahoe OG, White Widow, Cookies RAW & Sugar Candy)

  • All Gummies only $34 per pack

  • 100mg Chocolate Bars - Any Flavor: $39.99 each

  • BOLD 30ml 1:1 Tincture Peach: $120

Suite 443 - Hot Springs

  • 1oz of Apple Sherbet: $160

  • 1oz of Delicious Candy, Eleven Roses, Critical Sensi Star by Osage Creek: $200

Green Springs Medical Dispensary - Hot Springs

  • Vape Cartridges: $35.00 each (limit 1)

  • Concentrate Wax/Shatter 1 gram: $39.99 (limit 1, 3 varities) 

  • 10 Packs of Gummies: $10.99 (limit 1)

  • Member Berry Sativa Hybrid Strain (1g): $5

Native Green Wellness - Hensley

  • Apple Sherbet (1g) - $4.20 (limit 1g per patient)

  • Burkle, Strawberry Cough, Lemon Cello and Mandarin Temple Kush (1g) - $10

Harvest House of Cannabis - Little Rock

  • 1/8 oz select Osage Creek flower including Candy Kush, Northern Lights x Big Bud, Green Love Potion: $27.50

  • 1.2 oz select Osage Creek flower including Desconocida Kush, Green Love Potion, Black Russian, Sugar Black Rose and El Aqumista: $120

The Source - Bentonville

  • 1g select strains including Cookies, Sour Tangie and Confucius Kush: $8.95

  • Osage Creek Concentrate 1g including Creek-Kief Banner, Kief Delicious Candy and BOLD Kief-Mimosa Rain: $24.95

Bloom Medicinals - Texarkana

  • 25% off all purchases

  • Spend $100+ and receive a free Bloom Medicinals Coozie or Bloom Medicinals Patient Journal

If you have any further questions regarding 420 deals, hours of operations or ordering and pickup policy, please contact your nearest dispensary.

Arkansas Marijuana Card
Arkansas Marijuana Card Doctor

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