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Arkansas Dispensaries Taking Precautions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Arkansas Dispensaries Coronavirus
Arkansas dispensaries will remain in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic [Source: Leafly]

In the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries are remaining open, however, they are taking precautions to protect the health and safety of employees and patients.

To continue the practice of 'social distancing,' many dispensaries now are taking call-in or online orders only where patients can later pick up their purchases at the facility. Dispensaries such as Native Green Wellness, Purspirit, The Source and Acanza, are limiting the number of patients allowed in their waiting rooms. These practices will limit exposure time between patients and employees while having more time to frequently clean and disinfect surfaces and the facility.

Some dispensaries such as Greenlight in Helena and ReLeaf Center in Bentonville offer delivery services as well for those who cannot or do not wish to travel to the dispensary.

A number of dispensaries have also revised their store hours during this time. If you are not already familiar with the updated operational changes of your local dispensary, it is best to check their website or call ahead of time for further information.

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