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Arkansas Cannabis Strain Review: Blueberry Clementine

strain review blueberry clementine

Arkansans with a medical marijuana card are living in exciting times. New dispensaries, new growers, new products, and new strains are all arriving just in time for Summer. While we excitedly await the new farms and flowers, there are some amazing strains available right now.

One of those strains is Blueberry Clementine, an Indica dominant strain bred from Revolution Cannabis, and in this review we’ll help you decide if Blueberry Clementine should end up on your shopping list!

Arkansas Cannabis Strain: Blueberry Clementine

Blueberry Clementine

· Genetics: Indica

· THC: 20-25%

· Parents: Blueberry & Clementine

· Cultivator Tested: Revolution

· Top Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene


Blueberry Clementine is an Indica dominant strain bred from crossing Blueberry and Clementine. Blueberry is a popular indica strain that has been around since the 1970s. According to Leafly, a sweet fruity flavor with a history of exotic landrace strains born from it, blueberry is a legendary strain known for its relaxing sedation and pleasantly euphoric high.

Clementine is a sativa strain produced by crossing Tangie with Lemon Skunk. Sweet and citrusy, Clementine is an energizing and euphoric strain sure to get you out of bed and on your way to productivity.


The scent of Blueberry Clementine is an extremely pleasant mixture of fruity, creamy, citrusy flavors. Hints of orange peels and berries are strong, and the overall fragrance is a very enjoyable crème fruit aroma.

Scent: 10/10


Blueberry Clementine has a sharp berry taste and lingering aftertaste. Very fruity and pungent. The flavor carries some weight with it, you can feel and taste the smoke well after it has left your body. The aftertaste has a hint of the perfume-like flavor, but it is minimal and overall does not disturb the enjoyable flavors.

Taste: 9/10


These buds are beautiful. A dense green center caked with trichomes and resin, with orange hairs weaving between and about the calyxes, which are pronounced and abundant.

These flowers were likely trimmed by hand with very high precision. Upon inspection with a microscope, it is unlikely they used machine trimming as the trichomes were a creamy white with nearly all of the heads maintained.

They break apart cleanly, a nice snap reveals the inside of the buds to be as covered with resin and trichomes as the outside.

Appearance: 10/10


Blueberry Clementine activated immediately, as flower should. A euphoric rush of sedative relaxation that settles in agreeably and comfortably.

The THC in our tested strain was a little lower at 24.4%, as such the effects were far from overwhelming. What it lacks in potency it makes up for in experience, Blueberry Clementine is not a weak strain. The overall profile of this flower makes it a reasonable choice in the lineup of kushes and heavy hitting hybrids. A nice bridge between the two, Blueberry Clementine does the job, and does it well. Relaxation with clarity should be stamped on the bottle.

Effects: 8/10

Arkansas Cannabis Strain: Blueberry Clementine Rating

Blueberry Clementine Final Rating: 9.2/10

This is an excellent choice for someone in Arkansas looking for the relaxing effects of a kush without the couch lock. The hybrid parental gives this sedating flower an ambience of usability to it, you won’t need to plan for a long movie on the sofa (unless you want to, 10/10 good time).

Blueberry Clementine smells, tastes, and smokes like a top shelf flower. The only thing it’s missing is a top shelf THC content. Adding Blueberry Clementine to the menu is an easy choice for veteran smokers, even with the lower THC content the terpene profile generously makes up for it.

It doesn’t compete with the extremely potent strains of today’s top shelf market, but it’s not supposed to. This is a good looking, good smelling, good smoking flower. For Arkansas, that checks all the boxes of what is possible in our current market, and puts Blueberry Clementine at the top of the list for best buds in the Natural State right now.

Do you have some Blueberry Clementine to show off? Send us some pics at @arkansas_mmj on Twitter!

Get Your Arkansas Marijuana Card

Arkansas is on its way to producing some very high-quality strains. While we are in the earlier stages of that development, Arkansas Marijuana Patients are enjoying the benefits of many potent strains available in the Natural State right now.

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The Arkansas Medical Marijuana program is available for anyone with a qualifying condition, and getting your card is fast and easy with Arkansas Marijuana Card.

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