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4 Ways Medical Marijuana Patients Can Stretch Their Stash

Ways to stretch your cannabis stash

If you are a patient who is looking to save money at the dispensary or just simply looking for ways to make your cannabis last longer, look no further! Listed below are four ways you can stretch your stash!

Switch It Up

Medical marijuana patients have a variety of options as to how they can consume their medication. Since smoking is permitted in Arkansas, many patients tend to medicate by rolling a blunt or joint. Instead of smoking your cannabis in the form of a blunt or joint, consider switching to a glass bowl.

By switching to a glass bowl, you can conserve your flower longer. You might also consider trying edibles instead of flower. Edibles are known to give users a ‘body high’ which will help them find relief head to toe. Since edibles are known to be more potent than other methods, you may find yourself using less to medicate, achieving the same results.

Swap Strains

Consider trying a different strain during your next visit to the dispensary. Some strains are clearly more potent than others, which means you could find yourself stretching your stash even further by consuming a smaller amount and achieving the same results as using more of a less potent strain.

Follow Dosing Instructions

No matter which method of consumption you plan on using, each has different dosing instructions. The general rule of thumb for new patients is to ‘start low and go slow.’ Many physicians recommend this method because it is easier to increase your dose than if you consume too much when first medicating.

If you are using a concentrate or vape, start off with a single hit for flower one or two hits). If after 15-20 minutes you have not reached your desired results , you can take a second dose. Most edibles tend to take around 45 minutes to reach the full effect. We recommend waiting around 45 minutes to an hour before consuming more edibles.

By following proper dosing instructions, you will surprise yourself on how much cannabis you really need to feel the desired effects and can stretch your stash further than you anticipated!

Proper Storage is Key

One of the easiest ways to stretch your stash is to ensure you have proper storage. As your cannabis becomes too dry or too moist, you can expect it to lose its potency. This means you can quickly find yourself using more product due to loss of the important cannabinoids and terpenes that are vital for providing relief for your medical condition.

All patients can agree running low on medical cannabis is a bummer. We hope that you can use some of the tips listed above to stretch your stash further than before while reaching the same goals to assist with treating your medical condition!

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