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4 Things to Avoid Mixing with Medical Cannabis

Things to avoid mixing cannabis with

With medical marijuana becoming legal in more states, it is important for patients to know the ins and outs of using cannabis. While there are many things you can use cannabis to treat, and activities that are cannabis-friendly, there are some that shouldn’t be. For your safety, we have outlined things to avoid doing while medicating with cannabis.

1. Driving

Similar to other medications, it is advised to not operate a vehicle when under the influence of any substance. Medical cannabis is no different. The psychoactive effects brought on by consuming THC can leave patients impaired, which can lead to automobile accidents.

2. Operating Machinery

Similar to driving a car, it is advised to not operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Cannabis directly affects your nervous system by slowing down your decision making process and reaction time. This makes using power tools or operating heavy machinery a risk for injury for those who are under the influence.

3. Overusing Cannabis

Although there is no evidence of anyone overdosing on cannabis, overusing cannabis can sometimes be dangerous to your health as it can carry some unwanted side effects. For example, someone who already has generalized anxiety would not want to consume too much of a high potency Sativa strain, as it could likely lead to a panic attack or increased heart rate.

4. Mixing Cannabis with Other Substances

Some medications work well in conjunction with cannabis use, which is great for those patients. However, it is advised to refrain from mixing your medical cannabis with other substances such as alcohol and other opioids. We recommend consulting with your physician prior to using cannabis in conjunction with your routine medications to ensure there will be no adverse side effects or reactions. In turn, cannabis is a great option to help combat the side effects of those caused by other medications that may be necessary for treating your medical condition.

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1 Comment

Nelly Johnson
Nelly Johnson
Nov 10, 2020

This is a good article. A good example of cannabis education that will education new and seasoned users. This will remind everyone that there must be safety when using cannabis, whether recreation or medical purposes.

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