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Smoke, Vape or Dab - The Different Ways to Inhale Marijuana

Vaping vs Smoking vs Dabbing: What's the Difference?

When you inhale cannabis, heat is required to release THC and other plant compounds into the air. Vaporization and combustion are the two processes that apply heat to cannabis, allowing our bodies to absorb the therapeutic compounds within.  


When you light cannabis with a flame, the chemical process that turns the bud into smoke is known as combustion. This is the process known as smoking cannabis. Common methods for smoking herbal cannabis include:


  • Hand pipes

  • Water pipes (such as bongs and bubblers)

  • Rolling papers (rolled cannabis is known as a joint)

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Vaping uses hot air, rather than fire, to extract THC and other compounds from cannabis. Following vaporization, these compounds are delivered to your lungs in the form of vapor. 


You can vape either cannabis flower or cannabis concentrates. These concentrates can be in a liquid form, such as in vape pen cartridges, or a solid form, such as in butter or wax. 


To vape herbal flower or marijuana concentrates, you need to purchase a vaporizer. There are different vaporizers depending upon which cannabis products you want to vape. These include dry herb vaporizers and vape pens and other vaporizers designed to vape concentrates. 


Dabbing is a process where cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, crumble, or budder are inhaled using a water pipe called a dab rig. The concentrates (called dabs) are placed on a heated base (known as the “nail”), where heat causes them to turn into vapor. 


But there is a caveat here. Dab rigs are often heated to the point that the cannabis extracts sizzle or smoke, indicating that combustion is happening. As a result, dabbing produces a combination of vapor and smoke. 


How Do the Different Inhalation Methods Feel?


Whether you smoke, vape, or dab cannabis products, the effects begin in a matter of minutes. The intensity, however, varies based on how you inhale. 


Vaping and smoking offer a more mellow, controllable high. Because dab rigs utilize incredibly potent concentrates, one hit can lead to an intense high. 


Most experts advise beginners to stay away from dab rigs. Without your body and mind being accustomed to marijuana, the strength can be incredibly uncomfortable. 


Which Method of Marijuana Inhalation if the Safest or Healthiest?


Research suggests that vaping may be healthier than smoking. When you combust cannabis, harmful compounds are created and delivered into your lungs. Because vaporizing marijuana requires less heat, fewer toxic chemicals are created. 


But when we discuss safety here, we are comparing vaporizing or smoking actual cannabis flower. There is very little research when it comes to the safety of vaporizing concentrates. And there is always the concern that compounds added to thin cannabis extracts in vape pens could become harmful when heated and inhaled. 


This is one reason why it is of the utmost importance to buy vape pens and cartridges at licensed marijuana dispensaries. These products go through thorough testing that reduces the risk of harm. 


Dabbing is often viewed as a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis thanks to it being a form of vaporizing cannabis. But the reality is that many people heat their dab rigs to a very high heat, resulting in combustion, the same process that happens when you smoke cannabis.  


Discretion—A Benefit of Vaping Marijuana


Other than health, there is one reason why many people turn to vaping cannabis rather than smoking it. Vaping is more discrete. Vapor doesn’t have the same lasting odor as smoked cannabis, a huge benefit for people who use cannabis medicinally. Additionally, vape pens are small and easy to carry around with you for immediate relief.


Choosing the Best Route for You


For those new to cannabis, vaping and smoking are the two best options for inhalation. These methods remain the top choice for most patients as the high is easier to control than with dabbing. Talk with your doctor or dispensary agent for help finding the best product for you. You may find that you enjoy having multiple options, utilizing various methods for different circumstances. 

How Can I Get My Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card?

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