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True or False? 10 Questions to Test Your Cannabis Knowledge

Cannabis true or false trivia questions
Test your cannabis knowledge with these true or false questions.

True or False? The longer you hold in cannabis smoke, the higher you’ll feel

Answer: False

We’ve all seen the scene in a movie or TV show where someone takes a hit, holds it in as long as they can, and then coughs it all out at once. And some of us may have used the same breath-holding technique at home in the hopes of achieving greater cannabis effects. But the truth is that holding in marijuana smoke does not increase how much your body absorbs. And holding your breath after you take a hit might harm your lungs.

True or False? You cannot take medical marijuana with you to other states

Answer: True

Even though medical cannabis is a prescription drug, you are unable to take it with you across state lines—even if you’re traveling between two states where cannabis is legal. This is true whether you’re flying, driving, or walking.

True or False? Edibles are stronger than smoking marijuana

Answer: True

When you consume cannabis edibles, the THC within changes form in the liver. The new form of THC, 11-hydroxy-THC, is stronger than delta-9-THC, the form that you absorb when you smoke it. This is why 10 mg of THC in an edible can lead to a longer and stronger high than 10 mg of inhaled THC.

True or False? Marijuana cures insomnia

Answer: False

Most medical marijuana patients will feel more tired after they use cannabis. While it is true that THC can make you sleepy, that doesn’t mean that it will actually help you sleep better.

Long-term cannabis use has been tied to decreased sleep quantity and quality in healthy subjects. Yet, other studies have found short-term cannabis to help those in pain sleep better. The relationship between cannabis and sleep is complicated. More research is necessary to determine exactly how marijuana and sleep are tied. But as the research stands today, there is evidence to suggest that it could make insomnia worse in the long run.

True or False? THC is the only therapeutic compound found in cannabis

Answer: False

Cannabis plants contain a dizzying variety of compounds that might benefit health. While THC has long received the most attention from the research community and general public, the rise in CBD research and popularity demonstrates that there are other compounds in cannabis that influence health. As THC and CBD are just two of hundreds of phytonutrients found in marijuana, there are more compounds in there that influence health. This is why you might find that two different strains of cannabis produce different effects, in spite of their having equal percentages of THC.

True or False? It’s impossible to become addicted to marijuana

Answer: False

Just because cannabis is safer than drugs like alcohol or opioids does not mean that there is zero addiction potential. Marijuana addiction is rare, but it does happen. Frequent cannabis consumers can experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop using cannabis cold turkey, experiencing things like trouble sleeping and cravings for cannabis.

True or False? Cannabis is a safe way to relieve morning sickness

Answer: False

Along with the recent expansion of cannabis legalization has come a wider acceptance of marijuana to treat a variety of conditions for which it has not been tested and may not be safe. One of these is for morning sickness. Health professionals agree that pregnant women should avoid using marijuana while pregnant as it might negatively influence the healthy development of the baby.

True or False? Marijuana makes you hungry

Answer: True

Most cannabis connoisseurs are familiar with marijuana’s munchies. It’s the THC within that boosts appetite. This ability makes it beneficial for those who struggle with poor appetite, including cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

True or False? CBD oil won’t show up on drug tests

Answer: False

Drug tests that test for cannabis are designed to detect very small levels of THC. Even though the percentage of THC in CBD oil is often less than 0.3% and leads to no psychoactive effects, that small amount of THC can still create a failed drug test.

True or False? Legal cannabis is safer than black market cannabis

Answer: True

Even in states where cannabis is legal, a black market still exists that sells marijuana products, often at a cheaper cost. But there is a difference between legal marijuana and black-market cannabis. States have regulations and testing in place to help keep consumers safe. These same safeguards do not exist in the black market. A good example of the risks that come from using illegal cannabis products are the numerous deaths and illnesses that have occurred from the use of illegal THC vape pens.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
2 days ago

True or False? Test your cannabis knowledge with these 10 questions. Remember, addiction symptoms develop quickly and shouldn't control your life. Alcohol Medical Detox is essential for safe withdrawal management. Our residential rehab center offers 24/7 support and medical care to ensure the best recovery chances. Rest assured, help is always available.


Cannabis Lover
Cannabis Lover
Jun 03, 2020

I like it when you stressed out that legal cannabis is way better compared to the other. Of course it would be far way better if its legal and produced with quality. Just like what you can check on .

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