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In Response to the Vape Scare, Cannabis Customers Opting for Edibles over Vape Pens

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Marijuana Edible Gummy
Due to the recent vape scares, more cannabis consumers are turning to edibles for their consumption method over vape pens.

In recent months, cautious consumers have begun to opt for marijuana-infused edibles over vaporizers. In the three months since the first death attributed to vape pen use, retail vape product sales have declined while edible sales have increased.

According to a report in Marijuana Business Daily, this is the pattern that has been seen in recreational cannabis sales in Colorado, Washington, California, and Nevada.

Between August 23rd and October 6th, the percentage of cannabis sales from vape cartridges and accessories fell between 10% and 40% in these four states. At the same time, the percentage of marijuana sales from edibles increased between 18% and 37%.

However, for all states except Washington, the decrease in vape sales has slowed or reversed in recent weeks.

One possible explanation involves the details of the vape pen crisis. When investigations began in August of this year, very little was known about which vape products were to blame. More recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have linked the majority of illnesses to illegal THC vape pens—not those sold on dispensary shelves.

While scientists have yet to discover the cause—or causes—of vape-related illnesses, the current evidence suggests that the products at marijuana dispensaries are not the primary cause. The superior safety profile of legal dispensary vape products may have to do with the ingredients in the cartridges or the quality of the vape pens themselves.

With legal vape pens offering fast, discrete relief for those in need, some people are choosing to continue using the therapy that works best for them. But for individuals who would prefer to play it safe until the CDC and FDA pinpoint the cause of these illnesses, there are a variety of other products available.

Medical marijuana patients in Arkansas can always go with dried flower, edibles, or concentrates rather than vape pens. There is even a way to vaporize dried flower, a good alternative to vape pens. To do so, you will need the correct type of vaporizer. Ask your local dispensary representatives for help finding the best products for you.


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