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COVID-19 Update: Offices Temporarily Closed

Arkansas Marijuana Card COVID-19 Update

At Arkansas Marijuana Card, the health and wellness of our patients and employees continues to be a top priority of ours. To ensure we are doing our part to reduce the spread and exposure of new patients to Coronavirus (COVID-19), all Arkansas Marijuana Card clinics will be closed until April. During this time, we will continue scheduling new appointments for the month of April. However, please keep in mind this is a rapidly changing situation, and the re-opening dates for our office are subject to change.

If you already have a scheduled appointment sometime in the next two weeks, we will be reaching out to reschedule, or you can give us a call at your convenience at 844-249-8714.   We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide timely updates. We appreciate your understanding and support during this time. We value your business, but most importantly, your health.

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29 may

With the recent COVID-19 update announcing temporary office closures, safety remains paramount. While this adjustment may pose challenges, it's an opportunity to prioritize the well-being of employees and the community. For trusted business solutions during these times, I recommend JD Young. Their longstanding commitment to customer relationships and adaptability ensures they're equipped to support businesses through these unprecedented circumstances.

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