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Best Questions to Ask at the Dispensary



What Would You Recommend?


All patients are using medical marijuana to help treat specific medical conditions. Budtenders are qualified and knowledgable about the products being sold in the dispensary. Therefore, asking the budtender which products they would recommend for the condition and/or symptoms you are looking to treat will help them narrow down options that will be best suited for you. 


What's the Customer's Favorite?

Outside of the budtender’s recommendation, it could also be beneficial to ask what products are the customer’s favorites or best sellers. Most of the time, regular patients who purchase from the dispensary will share their experiences with the products they have tried. Therefore, the budtender should know which products are the most popular amongst patients. Additionally, other patients who have visited the dispensary may have similar conditions and symptoms to the ones you experience which can lead to a more precise recommendation.

How Do You Use the Product?

Dispensaries offer a variety of products from cannabis flower, to edibles, tinctures, topicals and more. However, not all products will be used in the same way. Some products can be smoked, while others will be administered orally. In order to receive the best results for your treatment and have a consumption method that is comfortable for you, it is best to ask the budtender about best practices for using the product before making your selection. 


How Strong Is The Product?

The most important question to ask when purchasing medical marijuana is how strong the product is. Depending on the form of medical marijuana you purchase, the potency and strength will differ. For example, specific strains will have higher THC percentages than others or edible dosages will vary from each product. Especially if you are a beginner, it will be best to disclose this information with your budtender as some products, if too strong, can cause anxiety and paranoia.

What Kind of Effects Will I Be Expected to Feel Using This Product?

This question can go hand-in-hand with the strength of a product. The stronger the product is, the more likely you are to feel greater effects. But what kind of effects will you feel exactly? Cannabis has mind-altering compounds that affect both your body and your brain. Depending on the cannabis product or strain, it could result in a variety of feelings. While some products may make you feel more relaxed, euphoric and sleepy, some may also make you feel energized, alert and uplifted. 


After you receive your medical marijuana card, you will have access to dispensaries throughout the state. If it is your first time, walking into a dispensary can be overwhelming. There will be multiple options to choose from in a variety of forms which can leave you wondering which will be the best option for you.

Luckily, each dispensary will have budtenders who are trained and educated to answer your cannabis-related questions.


We have created a guide containing some questions to ask during your trip to the dispensary and ensure you leave with the best possible product for your treatment.

How Can I Get My Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card?

Arkansas Marijuana Card understands that the medical marijuana laws in Arkansas can be confusing, so we take all of the guesswork out of it for our patients. Our friendly support staff will carefully walk you through the entire process, from helping you collect your medical records before your appointment, to ensuring your application has been submitted properly to the State. Also, we have the most affordable pricing options anywhere in the state of Arkansas!


Please give us a call at (844-249-8714) today if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment.

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