Medical Marijuana Doctors in Little Rock, AR

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Little Rock

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Get Approved for A Marijuana Card Through Telehealth

Due to COVID-19, we are currently not seeing any patients in our offices. However, we now offer medical marijuana evaluations through telehealth, so you can get approved by one of our physicians right from home! After you schedule an appointment, we will email you a link to your appointment that can be accessed through your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You will then meet with the doctor through a video conference to discuss medical marijuana treatment and receive your written recommendation.


Getting A Medical Marijuana Card in Little Rock

Arkansas Marijuana Card makes it easy for qualifying Arkansas medical marijuana patients to access medical marijuana treatment. We plan on opening offices conveniently located throughout Arkansas, so patients won't need to spend hours driving just to find a compassionate doctor. At every Arkansas Marijuana Card location, you'll find Arkansas medical marijuana doctors able to determine if medical marijuana is right for you based on your medical condition(s), plus an extraordinarily helpful and friendly staff that will make the application and approval process simple and stress-free!

To qualify for an Arkansas Marijuana Card, a patient must be diagnosed by a licensed Arkansas doctor with one of the numerous qualifying conditions specified within Arkansas' medical marijuana law.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors in Little Rock

Arkansas Marijuana Card currently has a clinic open in Little Rock. Before visiting a medical marijuana dispensary in Arkansas, you must fulfill the following qualifications:

  • Be 18 years of age or older

    • Patients under 18 years of age must have parental consent​

  • Have a current diagnosis of a qualifying condition

  • Hold an official written certification from a physician

  • Be an Arkansas resident with proof of residency (Valid Arkansas driver's license or state ID card)

  • Arkansas law prevents members of the Arkansas National Guard and the United States Military from obtaining a registry ID card


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Little Rock

The Medical Marijuana Commission has approved a total of 33 dispensaries across Arkansas, with two currently operational dispensaries in Little Rock! Herbology and Harvest House of Cannabis are both operational serving Little Rock patients.


With your Arkansas medical marijuana card in hand, you'll be able to access all Arkansas dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana. These state-licensed marijuana dispensaries will carry many forms of medical marijuana in varying strengths and potency. You will be able to buy products such as tinctures, oils, creams, dry flower and plant material for vaporizers, as well as edibles.

Arkansas Marijuana Card Is Here To Help Little Rock Residents

It is central to the Arkansas Marijuana Card mission to be compassionate and provide excellent customer service to patients in need. While other providers won’t see you without you bringing your medical records with you to the appointment, Arkansas Marijuana Card understands that it might be challenging for you to get these records. Therefore, we have a full-time medical records team that can assist you, at no additional cost, in obtaining the necessary documentation. All we need is your signature on a release form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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*Risk-Free Guarantee: Refunds are not available should you miss your appointment or fail to supply medical records demonstrating a qualifying condition before meeting with a doctor. Refunds not applicable to PTSD evaluations.



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