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Arkansas Marijuana Card

Thank you for choosing Arkansas Marijuana Card. Here are some helpful tips for your upcoming appointment! 


1-hour before your evaluation, you will receive an email and a text message with a link to access the online waiting room. Please click the link 10 minutes before your appointment. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer! Please make sure you log in using your FIRST and LAST name only. If you have any problems logging into the virtual waiting room please call us at (833) 253-2946.


Your evaluation will be quick and easy. The doctor will review your medical history, discuss the benefits of using the best products for your eligible condition, and answer any questions you may have.  

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Thank You for Choosing Arkansas Marijuana Card

Thank you for choosing Arkansas Marijuana Card! Your trust and confidence in our medical services mean the world to us and drive us to continuously strive for excellence in providing the highest quality care.

Navigating health concerns can be daunting, but advocating for your health is extremely important. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are here to support you on your medical marijuana journey every step of the way, offering compassionate care from dedicated, educated professionals.

We are honored to be your medical marijuana provider. Thank you for being an integral part of our

Arkansas Marijuana Card Family. 

- Cassandra Brooks, President

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Meet Our Doctor!

Dr. Eusanio

Dr. Eusanio is a board-certified Emergency Medicine/Trauma physician. He became a medical cannabis advocate after he pursued additional training and certification. Dr. Eusanio will assist you through the easy process of obtaining your state approval for medical marijuana and help you determine a customized treatment plan for your medical condition. 

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Live Patient Support

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