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Are Medical Marijuana Vape Pens Safe?

You have probably heard about the recent tragedies surrounding both nicotine and THC vape products. 805 cases of vape-related injuries have been reported to the CDC, including 12 deaths.

Experts are still hard at work trying to pinpoint which substance is responsible. This uncertainty has left medical marijuana patients wondering if their vape products are safe.

The Illegal THC Vape Market

Authorities have linked most of the vape-related illnesses to black market cannabis products. These products are created cheaply and without appropriate regulation. The result? A slew of questionable compounds found within.

The vape products that you find at a medical marijuana facility in Arkansas contain high-quality, pure cannabis extracts. In comparison, illegal vapes often contain cheap oils to increase profitability.

One of these is the thickening agent Vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E, when applied topically, is considered safe. However, experts believe that it may cause lung damage when inhaled.

Tests conducted in New York have found Vitamin E in nearly every suspect vape pen. These results and expert opinion have made Vitamin E a leading suspect.

Unfortunately, illegal vape products contain more potentially dangerous compounds. This includes pesticides and fungicides.

Vape Pens Vitamin E
Experts believe that inhaling Vitamin E causes damage to the lungs.

When THC-rich oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, contaminants like pesticides become concentrated in the oil. Many of these chemicals have not been tested for safety in humans—particularly when heated and inhaled.

In California, NBC News tested both dispensary cartridges and knock-off cartridges at the accredited lab CannaSafe. Their findings were troubling for the bootleg vapes.

Most of the illegal marijuana cartridges contained Vitamin E, the leading suspect in this crisis. Every single one tested positive for a fungicide that converts to hydrogen cyanide when heated. You don’t want to inhale cyanide directly into your lungs.

The legal vape cartridges purchased from a dispensary, however, did not contain pesticides, fungicides, or vitamin E.

Medical Marijuana Vape Products Are Safer than Bootleg Options

Medical marijuana vape products are subject to regulation that requires them to be free from dangerous contaminants like pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. Additionally, Vitamin E is not an approved additive in medical cannabis vape pens.

With most vaping illnesses tied to black market products, many people have decided to continue using their medical vaporizers. Others, however, have decided to opt for cannabis flower, tinctures, or edibles until the FDA and CDC determine the cause of these illnesses.

We will update you once regulatory officials and scientists determine what chemical, or chemicals, is responsible for these tragic illnesses.


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