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Two Dispensaries Close to Opening in Northwest Arkansas

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Next Tuesday, two dispensaries in Bentonville, AR are scheduled to have their final inspections from the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) division. If they pass these inspections, they will be given the green light to open their doors to customers.

These two dispensaries will likely be the seventh and eight open in the state. It’s been nearly three weeks since the sixth dispensary was opened in Mountain View, and dispensary owners and medical card holders alike are waiting with anticipation for more dispensaries to open across the state.

As it stands, patients in Northwest Arkansas would have to drive for hours if they wanted to access cannabis-based medicine. This is just outside of the realm of possibility for many in need. Whether due to work schedules or a condition that makes it hard to travel from home, many patients must wait until a dispensary opens up near them to access treatment. Many are ready to stand in line the first day their local dispensary opens, possibly for hours, in order to access medical marijuana products.

There has been a short delay in the opening of the Bentonville dispensaries. Both the ReLeaf Center and Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center failed their first inspections just this week. ABC reported that they both had minor issues that must be fixed before they can open.

Owners of these dispensaries each reported that they ran into issues with the state’s software that’s used to track the quantities of medical marijuana sold. But this is just a small bump along the road. With voters approving medical cannabis in 2016, it has been a long road to get here.

How soon might these dispensaries hold their grand openings?

In his interview with 4029 News, Buddy Wayne, the dispensary superintendent at the ReLeaf Center, said that he doesn’t believe that this will delay their opening. They still plan to hold their grand opening the first week of August.

Keep in mind that the earliest either of these dispensaries can open would be the middle of this upcoming week. If they are given the go-ahead on Tuesday, they will then need to have product delivered before they can officially open.

We will keep you updated on these exciting developments as they happen. There are 32 dispensaries in total that were given licenses to open in Arkansas, so many cities will soon have a local dispensary of their own.


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