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Top 5 Strains For The Holiday Season

Best Strains for Christmas
Make the most of your holidays with these recommended cannabis strains.

The holidays are in full swing and it is a time for family, friends, gathering, and celebration. If you are looking for a way to enhance your holiday experience, look to these five cannabis strains this season:

1. Green Crack

Still haven't completed all your Christmas shopping? If you still need to make some last-minute gift purchases, consuming some Green Crack before hitting the stores will help supply the energy and focus you need to get your body moving during your shopping trip.

2. White Widow

Why not accompany a white Christmas with some White Widow? This strain can help provide an uplifting spirit while reducing stress and give a boost of energy that is perfect for visiting family and friends and socializing during large gatherings.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

The holiday season isn’t complete without a generous amount of food. Luckily, Girl Scout Cookies can stimulate your appetite and make room for your holiday feast. This strain is also said to be good for soothing your digestive system, which is beneficial after consuming a large meal.

4. Northern Lights

Recommended for the evening time, Northern Lights is an ideal strain for a night where you are looking to stay inside and combat the cold. Northern Lights provides a strong body high and it’s relaxing effects make it perfect for lying on the couch and watching Christmas movies.

5. Sour Diesel

If you have a big night planned ahead for New Year's Eve, Sour Diesel is a good go-to strain. This strain provides an energizing and euphoric high that is great for a late-night and partying with friends.

Check out our Arkansas Dispensary Locations page to see if a dispensary near you carries any of the strains above.

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