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Doctor’s Orders RX Is The First Arkansas Dispensary To Harvest And Sell Medical Marijuana

Doctors Orders RX Dispensary Arkansas Cultivate
Doctors Orders RX is the first Arkansas dispensary to grow and harvest medical marijuana [Source: Native Business Magazine]

Doctor’s Orders RX was the first dispensary to open in Arkansas back in May, 2019. Now, they will be the first dispensary who will grow and harvest their own marijuana.

Since dispensaries began opening in May, the marijuana available has been provided by one out of the three cultivation facilities in Arkansas. Doctor’s Orders RX is anticipating to provide patients with three of their in-house strains that will be available early next week to purchase: Super Skunk (indica), Geisel (hybrid) and Sour Tangie (sativa). Manager of Doctor’s Orders RX, Bud Watson states “we have maintained the highest quality of growing conditions in order to produce some of the highest-quality product in Arkansas -- and independent testing proves that."

Amendment 98 to the Arkansas Constitution that was passed in 2016 allows licensed dispensaries to grow up to 50 mature marijuana plants, while cultivation facilities have no limit to how much they can grow.

Growing in-house allows dispensaries to tailor to the needs of patients in helping treat their specific conditions. Also, the variety of strains that are currently available in Arkansas are lower compared to other legal medical marijuana states. Dispensaries across the state hope to provide new, specialized strains for patients in order to have more options and seek the product that best fits their needs.

Doctor's Orders RX Dispensary in Hot Springs Arkansas
Doctor's Orders RX is located at 4897 Malvern Ave in Hot Springs [Source: KATV]

Native Green Wellness in Hensley has also started to cultivate their own marijuana. Although only eight of the 32 potential medical marijuana dispensaries are currently operating, 22 of those plan to grow their own strains. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division stated that four of the open dispensaries have already been approved to grow.

With dispensaries now being permitted to cultivate and state regulators expecting a growth in the number of dispensaries this coming fall, medical marijuana sales are expected to increase rapidly. Over 1,130 pounds of medical marijuana have currently been sold with sales totaling about $8.1 million.


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